The Ins-and-Outs of Wearing Makeup With Contact Lenses

Many people are concerned about wearing eye makeup once they begin using contact lenses. Rest assured, it’s fine to use makeup such as eyeliner or eye shadow with your contact lenses — as long as you are very careful not to get them in your eye, or on your lenses. Also, it’s a great idea to put your contact lenses in before you apply makeup so that your fingers don’t transfer makeup residue onto your lenses.

Also, keep in mind that cosmetics often grow bacteria, which can then contaminate your contact lens and infect your eye. So, it’s important to never share makeup! If makeup does get into your eye or onto your lens, it can result in eye irritation or introduce bacteria. Establish a healthy routine and stick to it – insert lenses before putting on makeup, or using hair products like mouse or gel. In the evening before bed, wash your hands well before you remove your lenses, and then clean, rinse and disinfect them before washing off your makeup. This will ensure that you don’t trap eye makeup on the surface of your contacts.

If you’re sensitive, some eye care professionals suggest using hypoallergenic cosmetics to lessen the risk of eye irritation or infection. Also, it’s good practice to cover your eyes when you apply hair spray – it contains proteins that can attach on to your contacts, compromising sight as well as irritating your eyes. To minimize the risk even further of getting makeup or other products on your contact lenses, use an oil-free moisturizer and do not use hand lotions or creams before handling your contacts. Most importantly, never share lenses, and never share makeup.

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