Why Do Contact Lenses Expire?

Why do you throw milk out when it expires? It can make you sick. You should treat your soft contact lenses the same way. After they’re manufactured, lenses are sterilized and sealed before being put on the market. If too much time passes they risk becoming contaminated, even if left in the package. This could cause serious eye problems.

The expiry date on the lens package is generally written in yyyy/mm format. For example, if the package reads 2015/03, the contents are sterile and safe to wear until March 2015. This date is usually four years from the time of manufacture. Of course this is different from your prescription itself, which in most cases has to be renewed once a year.

Don’t risk your eyes—throw out old lenses!

The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act: What’s It Mean to You?

In 2004 Congress passed the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, which guarantees consumers the right to buy their contact lenses from any source—not just their eyewear prescribers. This means you can shop around for the best deal. When doing so, it’s important to understand your rights under the law.

Your prescription belongs to you. You have a right to a copy of your contact lens prescription. Your eye care provider must offer it to you whether you ask for it or not.

There are no strings attached to it. Your provider must treat you without conditions. They may not:

  • Charge to provide a copy of your prescription
  • Require you to buy contact lenses from them
  • Make you sign a waiver/release
  • Set the expiration date of your contact lenses for less than 1 year without a medical reason

You’re free to buy where and what you choose. Shop around. Look for the best price, ordering, and delivery options. Buy wherever you like. You’re not bound to a label. It’s up to you!

Your prescriber must verify your prescription. When you order from replacemycontacts.com, your prescriber must respond to our verification request within eight business hours. If they don’t, we’ll fill your order.

Your prescription must be valid for at least a year. This is to protect you from unnecessary and costly examinations.  Your state may establish a longer minimum prescription length. Medical exceptions are allowed, but your provider must cite them specifically.

It’s the law of the land. The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act protects you by overriding all state laws that limit the sale of contact lenses. The government considers violations to be unfair/deceptive trade practices, punishable by the Federal Trade Commission.