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5 Easy Halloween Costumes To Try With Colored Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ October 21, 2014/ Cosmetic/

If any holiday allows you to express your creativity, Halloween is the celebration. It’s the one night a year when you get to access your inner child and enjoy a total evening of dress-up and make-believe.  However, if your inner child is not as creative as the other kids on the playground, you might want to opt for an easy

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Costume Contacts & Safety

Replacemycontacts/ November 1, 2013/ Cosmetic, Eye Health/

Contacts – they allow us to navigate the world with enhanced vision without the hassle of bulky and fragile glasses. However, on days like yesterday, lenses can provide another service of spicing up our Halloween costumes! Whether it’s to sport pigments not normally seen in nature (like gold) or to amp up the gruesomeness of appearing as a zombie, more

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