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Is It Bad To Rub Your Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ February 11, 2015/ Eye Health/

Rubbing your eyes sometimes just feels good, doesn’t it? Most of us do it to provide some sort of relief. For instance, it’s morning, you’ve just woken up, a yawn escapes, and, yep, you’ve balled your hands up and are digging into your eyes as a way to wake up. Or maybe your pesky allergies are making your eyes itch

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What is a Corneal Abrasion?

Replacemycontacts/ February 11, 2014/ Eye Health/

As physically active beings, our bodies are prone to an occasional scratch, cut, or bruise every now and again.  While some body parts are more resilient than others, when our eyes are exposed to damage it can set us back significantly.  A scratch, puncture, or any other type of trauma to one’s cornea—the clear covering over the iris—creates a corneal

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