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Causes of Dry Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ March 13, 2014/ Eye Health/

The distracting discomfort that accompanies dry eyes is enough to ruin almost any happy day – it brings about unnatural feelings of fatigue, inability to focus when reading, redness and sometimes physical pain. Many of us reach for the bottle of eye drops to remedy this symptom, and give little thought to what could be causing this irritation. To consider

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The Most Common Causes of Eye Infections

Replacemycontacts/ January 28, 2014/ Eye Health/

Just like all other bodily organs, our eyes are vulnerable to occasional malfunctions.  When our eyes fall ill, it is crucial to take the necessary steps in order to quickly and effectively nurse them back to health.  Indications of an eye infection can range from slight discomfort to severe pain, and can be anywhere from barely visible to an extreme

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Why the Flow of Oxygen is Important to Eye Health

Replacemycontacts/ January 24, 2014/ Eye Health/

As two of our most precious biological commodities, our eyes require constant upkeep to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance. While a nutritious diet and proper maintenance will certainly help warrant a strong condition, there are additional precautionary measures to also keep in mind. One in particular is allowing them to breathe! Making sure our eyes receive a consistent flow of oxygen

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Food to Improve Eyesight

Replacemycontacts/ December 16, 2013/ Eye Health/

A balanced diet is critical for overall health, but did you know that there are certain nutrients that can help strengthen your sight and optical health? The likelihood of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts can be limited by strategically incorporating certain foods into your meals. Sound simple enough? Keep reading! You can be proactive about your eye’s health.

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Battling Allergies & Scratchy Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ December 8, 2013/ Eye Health/

Dry eyes and itching, sneezing and sniffing; no one is going to argue that allergies are anything but miserable. What’s more, contact lenses can further aggravate the symptoms, by potentially trapping allergens under the lens. The result is redness and irritation that can make going about your day infinitely more unpleasant. How can we battle the allergies that can strike

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