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Essential Vitamins for Eye Health

Replacemycontacts/ November 17, 2015/ Eye Health/

While we love having the option to pop in our contacts and our vision instantly corrected, it can still be a little disheartening to go to a yearly exam and find out your vision has gotten poorer since your last check-up. This can be especially true as you age, when vision slowly begins to deteriorate for many people and they

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Can You Swim in Contacts?

Replacemycontacts/ June 20, 2014/ Eye Health/

Is it safe to swim while wearing your contact lenses? While you may be able to get away with taking a dip while sporting your contacts without experiencing any negative effects, the FDA recommends keeping your contact lenses clean from all water, including that which is found in pools, hot tubs, the ocean and even your bathtub. Swimming in lenses

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When and How to Clean Your Contact Lens Case

Replacemycontacts/ May 1, 2014/ Eye Health, Lens Care/

Every contact wearer knows that in order to avoid nasty eye disorders or eye irritation, you must only wear your lenses for their suggested lifespan. After all, contact lenses not only accumulate dirt and debris as they’re worn, but they may also warp over time. However, did you know that just as your contacts can dirty with each wear, the

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Fact or Fiction: Eye Health

Replacemycontacts/ April 11, 2014/ Eye Health/

Not quite as unruly as those about Big Foot, myths about eye health are a little easier to grasp – and less frightening to deal with. From the tall tale that “carrots strengthen eyesight” to common health misconceptions, we’ve gathered quite a few myths, fictions and truths below for you to look through and apply to your life. Take a

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Coffee and Eye Health: Dry Eyes and Glaucoma

Replacemycontacts/ March 17, 2014/ Eye Health/

Coffee is often seen as the end-all-be-all solution to fatigue and lack of focus. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink this beverage on a daily basis, and the average number of cups that someone in the US consumes day-to-day is 3.1. Coffee is naturally produced from cocoa beans, but what people commonly drink is synthetically produced with

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