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What Your Eye Color Reveals About Your Health


We can tell a lot about a person through their eyes—after all, William Shakespeare once stated they are the “windows to the soul.” We’ve exposed how you can detect if a person’s lying, in love, and more by looking at their eyes, but did you know that eye colors can tell the story of your […]

The Reason Your Eyes Can Change Colors May Surprise You

Switching up your eye color opens a whole world of stylish new possibilities. With the flick of, say, a hazel-colored contact lens, you get to try out new eye shadow colors to make brown eyes pop, add a little mystery to your look and, according to some studies, maybe even gain some more confidence. But […]

Does Eye Color Affect Vision?

Research done in the US and UK has found that physical attractiveness is often judged by factors such as skin clarity and vivid color in the eyes and hair. This most likely stems from the human instinct of survival: A person’s facial features are an indication of health and the ability to create life. If […]

Do You Have The Most Common Eye Color?

Hollywood is full of celebrities with blue eyes. In all the romantic movies of the past, do you think the male star on screen who gazed into the starlets stunning blue eyes, knew he was viewing the result of a genetic mutation? If our eyes are the window to our soul, they are also a […]