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How to Live Comfortably with Dry Eye Syndrome

Replacemycontacts/ December 30, 2015/ Eye Health/

Living with dry eye syndrome is not fun. Anyone who has ever wrestled with dry, scratchy eyes knows just how uncomfortable and disruptive they can be to daily life. While it’s common to experience dry eyes from time to time, dry eye syndrome is a chronic, often progressive condition. That means it is not only permanent, but also usually gets

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What’s The Purpose of Eyelashes?

Replacemycontacts/ May 19, 2015/ Eye Health/

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why we have those tiny, stiff hairs growing on the edges of our eyes, you’re not alone. While it’s simply just an accepted trait we’ve all got, not many people actually know the purpose of eyelashes.  After all, what do they do? Why do humans even have eyelashes? These little fuzzies have become a

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Natural Remedies & Foods For Dry Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ April 23, 2015/ Eye Health/

Dry eyes are a huge nuisance, as anyone who’s ever had them knows, but there are some natural remedies you can employ to lessen the irritation. Everyone can experience this annoying sensation slightly differently, but main symptoms include red, irritated eyes, scratchiness, and even a burning sensation. It’s definitely something you shouldn’t have to put up with, as it can

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Why Do People Blink?

Replacemycontacts/ February 19, 2015/ Eye Health/

Blinking: a perfectly involuntary movement we all make whenever we are awake. Whether you wear glasses, daily disposable lenses, extended wear contacts or nothing at all, we all blink, all the time. In fact, the only time people don’t blink is when their eyes are closed, such as during sleep for instance. While awake, the average person blinks between 15-20

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Causes of Dry Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ March 13, 2014/ Eye Health/

The distracting discomfort that accompanies dry eyes is enough to ruin almost any happy day – it brings about unnatural feelings of fatigue, inability to focus when reading, redness and sometimes physical pain. Many of us reach for the bottle of eye drops to remedy this symptom, and give little thought to what could be causing this irritation. To consider

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