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Soft Contact Lens Care: The Basics

Replacemycontacts/ June 23, 2011/ Lens Care/

Caring for your soft contact lenses is easier than ever. One-bottle care systems and disposable contact lenses mean that comprehensive lens care involves much less time, money, and trouble than it did just a few years ago. Each pair of lenses has unique needs, and you should follow the regimen prescribed by your eye doctor. Some products don’t mix well,

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Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions: Listen to Your Doctor!

Replacemycontacts/ June 16, 2011/ Lens Care/

All contact lens solutions are not created equal. A cleaning solution that doesn’t match your lenses can cause red, itchy eyes—or even turn your contact lenses brown!  We know it’s tempting to buy the bottle on sale, but it’s vital to use the solution recommended by your eye doctor. Also, make sure to read the fine print closely. It can

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