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What To Do When You Have A Torn Contact Lens


A torn contact lens is a mega bummer. We definitely sympathize with the urge to pop it back in your eye and keep wearing it, especially when it’s an awesome color pair like Acuvue 1 Day Define. However, we can’t emphasize it enough: don’t put a torn contact lens back in! We know, we know, […]

Can You Wear Contact Lenses In The Ocean?

We get it. You love your contact lenses so much that you never, ever want to be without them (us too). But with summer in full swing and beach days on the horizon, it’s a good time to get to the bottom of this important question: can you wear your contact lenses in the ocean? […]

What Lens Wearers Need To Know About This Eye-Eating Parasite


We love waxing poetic about content lenses, because, let’s face it—they’re pretty gosh darn great! Anyone with vision issues went through a stage where they had their first pair of glasses and all the ups and downs that come along with them. Now, don’t get us wrong, glasses rule, but contacts are just so freeing! […]

Discontinued Lenses Notice

Hear ye, hear ye: another news announcement for our loyal customers, (also, can we take a minute to say how great you look today?). We’re sad to share that the following contact lenses will no longer be carried by us: Discontinued Contact Lenses Acuvue Advance, effective 3/31/2015 Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism, effective 3/31/2015 Acuvue Advance […]

The History of Contact Lenses

Imagine this; the year is 1888. As you walk around town you suddenly realize that you cannot read a single sign in the windows and have difficulty seeing farther than 40 feet away…you shudder when you think of the weight and discomfort glasses. However, luckily for you, there’s a new product available: contact lenses! Indeed, […]