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The Benefits of One-Day Contact Lenses

Replacemycontacts/ September 1, 2015/ Choosing the Best Contact/

One-day contacts, also known as daily disposable contacts, have a ton of great benefits for the wearer. You might be surprised to know that only about 7% of contact wearers opt for these convenient lenses. While we love all contacts, there’s something special about one days and we figured we’d shed a little light on exactly why we think they’re

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A Guide to Finding The Right Contact Lenses For Your Lifestyle

Replacemycontacts/ October 8, 2013/ Choosing the Best Contact/

There are many different types of contact lens options out there for you to pick from, and it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing which selection is “the best.” We can reassure you that no one model tops the others; rather, each make has its own advantages. To help you navigate the various possibilities and understand which contact style is most

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