New Air Optix Colors in Plus Powers for Hyperopia

air optix colors hyperopia

Exciting news! We are so pleased to announce the arrival of brand new Air Optix Color lenses in plus powers, available to order now through While not an entirely new line to us, what is new is that they’ve extended their offerings in these beautiful lenses. Individuals with hyperopia (a.k.a. farsightedness) can now have the vibrant options available to other lens patients. The new Air Optix Color contact lens line is an innovative step towards functionality and fashion. It’s often hard to create a marriage between those two, (hello, stilettos on a Saturday night…in an ice storm), but with the new Air Optix, you don’t have to compromise either one. Kind of like having your cake and eating it, too. And when we’re talking about our vision, that’s just how we like it.

Eye-catching Colors

The Air Optix Color contact lenses have been a hit since first launching, and we couldn’t be more pumped about the expansion of this line. So, what’s exactly new about the Air Optix Colors line? They are now available to include a wider range of patients—anyone who struggles with hyperopia can now order their very own pair thanks to the addition of plus power lenses. The new line extends across all nine color ranges. That’s right, a whopping nine! Green today, blue tomorrow…why not? This breakthrough means you’re no longer stuck with a traditional clear pair—not that there’s anything wrong with those either. We just know how much fun, and how easy, it is to switch up your entire look by popping in a fresh pair of colored contacts. You have the choice between subtle and vibrant colors. Here are the subtle color choices:

  • Subtle
    • Blue
    • Gray
    • Green
    • Pure Hazel
    • Brown

Sometimes you want to go big though, right? If we’re speaking your language then check out the vibrant options:

  • Vibrant
    • Brilliant Blue
    • Sterling Gray
    • Gemstone Green
    • Honey

New, Innovative Formula

So we’ve covered the fashion aspect of these gems, but what about the functionality we talked about earlier? Well, did we mention that these are the first of their kinds to be on the U.S. market? That’s right, this is a ground-breaking announcement in the contact world! The Air Optix Color lenses are a daily wear, monthly replacement lenses made from a silicone hydrogel material. The science behind this material is pretty fantastic. It allows up to six times more oxygen to pass through the content lens to reach your eyes. And trust us, this is very good news. Oxygen and eye health go hand in hand. For starts, it helps keep our eyes moist and hydrated. Secondly, without oxygen, our eyes can begin to suffer some serious side effects. These can include the cornea warping, difficulty with vision, “hazy” vision and scarring—yikes! But let’s not get lost in those scary facts. After all, we’re here to announce the wonderful news of something created to keep that from happening! Ah, breathable contacts, we just love you.

For anyone looking for some cold, hard facts on these new, colorful lenses, check these out:

  • Available with an 8.6mm base curve and 14.2 mm diameter
  • Lens power range from +6.00D to -6.00D and +6.00D to -6.00D

Even if you love color contacts but don’t actually need any vision correction (lucky you!), then Air Optix Colors is a great choice for you. With a medical prescription from a physician, you can have what the industry calls a “plano” version, which doesn’t include any correction, but let’s you enjoy a high-quality, trusted color contact safe for your oh-so-precious eyes.

5 Easy Halloween Costumes To Try With Colored Contacts

If any holiday allows you to express your creativity, Halloween is the celebration. It’s the one night a year when you get to access your inner child and enjoy a total evening of dress-up and make-believe.  However, if your inner child is not as creative as the other kids on the playground, you might want to opt for an easy Halloween costume this year. Simple does not have to mean boring. With the combination of stunning cosmetic contacts and ultra-creative makeup tips, you can win any costume contest with flair and style.

1. Fairy Tale Character

contacts for fairy tale costume

Cast a spell in a hurry with this quick Halloween costume. If you don’t have a heart-shaped face, you can paint one on instead and wait for your prince to awaken you with a kiss. The naughty Snow White pictured above was easily created with black and white grease paint, false eyelashes and cosmetic anime/fantasy contact lenses. Try contrasting a moody, all-noir makeup palette – we love the look pictured at top right – with piercing green eyes, like these Air Optix Colors.

2. Animal

contacts for animal halloween costume

If simple makeup is what you are looking for, becoming a feline is one of the easiest costume themes you can choose. Face paint, fake lashes, gem stones and colored contacts can create a dramatic Halloween look.  Add a feline stare by choosing a cosmetic contact lens that shows your inner animal personality. After applying your cat-like makeup, be sure to finish it off with a light powder or makeup-setting spray. Let’s face it, smudged kitty is never a good look, so make sure to read additional makeup tips for contact lens wearers.

contacts for snake halloween costume

If you want an even easier eye makeup trick, become a reptile by applying a vibrant pattern. Why not try a temporary tattoo on your upper cheek or around the brow? To make your eyes truly intriguing, opt for contacts that are green or yellow.

3. Zombie 

contacts for zombie costume

If you’re still not sure about your Halloween appearance, going for a dead character has its simplicity.  With just a bit of creativity, these faces and makeup ideas will scare and dazzle other Halloween spooks.  These ghouls pair nicely with cosmetic contact lenses that are anime, zombie-fied or manga eyes. Did you lose one contact at last year’s party? Use it this year again. One brown and one blue eye composes a disturbing look that might catch a gaze twice; just be careful that every cosmetic contact lens you wear is FDA approved!

4. Comic Book Character

contacts for comic book character costume

POW! All eyes will be on you with a comic book face. If you waited until the last minute and you don’t really want to spend much on a Halloween costume, grab a dress or suit from your closet and head off to the drugstore and buy some makeup. Step out of the funny pages to win the best costume prize. Of course, if you have a bit more time, add a pair of stunning cosmetic contact lenses. Enhance your eye color with a natural tint with color lenses or go crazy and try on a pair of anime or special effect lenses to create your comic book look.

5. Superhero

contacts for superhero costume

Those masks aren’t just for hiding superheroes’ identities. They also frame a stunning set of peepers perfectly. Use black facepaint to thickly line around your eyes, or simply snip two holes in a strip of dark fabric for a five-minute face that’s ready to fly. For hypnotizing eyes, add a subtle starburst effect with Freshlook Dimensions and get on with saving the world.

The Different Kinds of Color Contacts

different kinds of color contactsTypes of Colored Contact Lenses

Fall is fashion season. Soon our fashion sense will be putting on the ritz when invitations to seasonal costume parties or homecoming celebrations arrive in the mail. If you are a prolific shopper and can’t wait to browse the racks looking for that perfect autumn ensemble, plan ahead to add one dazzling accessory that is on your must-have shopping list: colored contact lenses.

After all, what good is a slinky cat costume without real cat eyes?  How can you dress like an autumn temptress without the aid of mind-blowing colored lenses? The simple answer is: you can’t.  That’s why early planning and a trip to your eye doctor’s office needs to get placed on your social schedule before the coveted steamy blue lenses or piercing green contact lenses you desire can be yours. Colored contact lenses are fun. Modern soft contacts are comfortable to wear. However, you do need to be mindful that colored contact lenses are considered a medical device. You cannot obtain a pair of colored contact lenses on a whim or the night before. In order to ensure a proper fit, and to wear colored contact lenses safely, you need to get a doctor’s prescription for them.

Once you have a prescription, your choices in colored contact lenses are really quite endless. Before you shop for specialty contact lenses, it is best to know the difference between the different types of tinted contact lenses.

Visibility tints – It stands to reason if you have a vision problem in the first place, it is hard to see a contact lens. That is why many doctors will prescribe a visibility tint to a contact lens. The tint simply assists the person who wears the contacts into being able to see them clearly enough to insert them into the eye. Visibility tints do not change eye color and they do not enhance eye color. If you want a change in your eye look, do not choose a visibility tint.

Enhancement tints – Enhancement contact lenses are translucent. Enhancement lenses are the perfect choice for someone who wants to simply enhance their glance. People with light-colored eyes who want a deeper or brighter color, often choose an enhancement contact lens.

• Opaque Color Tints – Opaque color contact lenses tints are sometimes referred to as color tinted contact lenses. These colored tints are the best choice if you want to alter your eye color. Even dark eyes can be altered by specialty color tinted contact lenses. Color tints are manufactured in deeper opaque solid colors. Small lines or a series of small dots are added to the opaque colored contact lens to make the iris more realistic looking. These types of intricate opaque color tints are on the outside of the pupil. The pupil area is left clear so that the individual wearing the contact can still see clearly.

The color choices and looks of opaque contact lenses seem to be endless. Worn often in movies that require special effects, these unique lenses are available in many variations and even cat eyes, vampire eyes and albino contacts have made their way to the retail market. Of course, if you’re looking for solid colors, opaque lenses can change your eye color to green, blue, violet, amethyst or gray.

I Have An Astigmatism. Can I Still Wear Opaque Color Tinted Contacts?

Yes. Many of the colored contact lenses on the market come in a form known as plano.  These color contacts can be worn by people who experience astigmatism or have a need for a bifocal correction.

What Is The Difference Between Colored Contact Lenses and Regular Contact Lenses?

Colored contact lenses do have a slight disadvantage when compared to regular contact lenses. Opaque color contact can sometimes cover the pupil of the eye.  The pupil of the eye is constantly adjusting depending on lighting and environmental conditions. Sometimes an eye pupil will enlarge and the opaque colored contacts lens covers the pupil. This mishap happens mostly during the evening when the pupil is adjusting to dimmer lighting. This is why colored contact lenses in opaque colors are normally considered for special occasions and not everyday wear.


Can’t remember a time when your significant other was mesmerized by your icy stare? Make a dramatic change to the window of your soul. There are many different levels of tinted lenses that will go great with your holiday outfit, so shop now!

Better With or Without Glasses: Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence


Are “girls-next-door” Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence more attractive with or without glasses?  Of course there is no way to provide an undisputable answer,  we will do our best to provide our take.

Jennifer Aniston: the Case for “With Glasses”

Often regarded as a beachy beauty with a carefree appeal, there is no denying that the frames add a touch of mystique to her overall vibe. Looking at the picture above, we have no idea what she is thinking and become victim to her mysteriousness. Because she has an ovular face shape, almost any style will harmonize with her features; the angular nature of the eyewear balances out well with her innate roundness.  However, despite Aniston being a woman who is rumored to spend hundreds of thousands on her forever-young look, there’s no denying that her choice in glasses adds years onto her appearance.

Jennifer Aniston: the Case for “Without Glasses”

Do me a favor and look into those clear blue eyes that look like the high-noon Texas sky. They could cure world hunger with one blink and you need a map to not get lost in them. Without glasses, we are granted the ability to witness her natural beauty without the shadow cast by the heavy frames. She also appears younger in both appearance and aura.   

Did you know that the hue that we all know and love is not what she was born with? To achieve pristine peepers not unlike Aniston, check out Air Optix colored contacts.

The Decision

The answer to whether she looks better with or without glasses is pretty obvious – America loves her without glasses, and so do we!


Jennifer Lawrence: the Case for “With Glasses”

Jennifer Lawrence is adored by millions for her down-to-earth allure, so the addition of glasses makes her even more charming and relatable. Yes, she may be on literally every website, billboard, magazine cover, and television show, but she still seems like the kind of woman we all would want to split a pizza with. The glasses in the picture perfectly counter her youthfully soft facial features and highlight her cheekbones. Plus, the contrast of the blond with the black frames is divine. However . . .

Jennifer Lawrence: the Case for “Without Glasses”

There’s no denying that the woman is a bomb shell. What makes her silliness and humility so surprising and noteworthy is that this former-model looks like she belongs on a Victoria Secret runway, and yet she doesn’t let her gorgeous looks go to her head. The black smoky eye makes her blue eyes electric (without overpowering them like the dark rims of the glasses) so her heavenly gaze can truly wrap us in its embrace.

The Decision

The verdict is that glasses do for Jennifer Lawrence what they did for Superman; they concealed his true nature. This actress may have the charms of your best friend, but she has the high-caliber talent that has catapulted her to the star-status she deserves. There’s no reason to downplay her express, pensive eyes. To make sure that your whites appear as irresistibly bright as Jennifer’s, invest in self-lubricating lenses like Acuvue TruEye and Avaira contacts.

Do you agree with our opinions? Let us know in the comment section below!


How to Choose Colored Contacts

At one point or another, we’ve all longingly wondered what we would look like with different colored irises. After all, sporting a different hue is a fun way to play with our style, make our peepers seductively pop and, with Halloween right around the corner, take our costume to a whole other level. Countless celebrities have pulled off cosmetic contacts, and there is no reason why you can’t as well. We’ve gathered a few pointers to help you determine which tints may work best for your specific looks.

paris-hilton-long-sexy-hairstyle-oct-09-1011x1024Firstly, know that there are no rules when it comes to finding the right pigment for you. However, as a general rule of thumb, your skin tone will help dictate what kind of shades look best.

If you have fair or peach skin with cooler undertones, blues and grays will look stellar. While you can wear almost any hue, darker tones might appear abnormally harsh. Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton is a prime example of how piercing blue eyes can look natural if worn properly; this naturally brown-eyed lass first started sporting blue as a teenager and, thanks to the pink undertones in her skin and light hair color, the pigment fit her so well that most people would never even suspect that her irises were cosmetically enhanced.


If you have a tan or darker complexion, you most likely have a warmer tint to your skin that is best served by playing it up with similarly warm irises. Honey, brownish-greens will look natural but add some oomph. Subtly olive-skinned Angelina Jolie has naturally blue eyes but  we love it when she pops in green colored contacts for a look that is friendly, if not a little playfully devilish.

For an exotic look that will flatter, opt for seductive purples or grays. Naomi-CampbellBlue isn’t off the table but ladies should opt for darker versions and it tends to look severe when contrasted against darker skin tones. naomi9f-2-webFor instance, take brown-eyed beauty Naomi Campbell; the blue tinting she sometimes don, as the shading is too stark a comparison. We strongly prefer her in inviting, hotter tones that play up the warmness of her coloring.

Keep in mind that there are varying intensities available; Freshlook Lite Tint will enhance your natural coloring, while Freshlook Colors Opaques is somewhat more vibrant. As a bonus, there are even options for those of us that require toric shaped lenses. Additionally, avoid the temptation to either use your same go-to eyeshadow colors as before or make your cosmetics overly “matchy matchy.” Instead, contrast your shadow against your newly minted irises to make them truly pop; if you have blue eyes, pair them with creams, reds and golds; if you have green eyes, lilacs and browns will make them really shimmer; and, if you are wearing brown contacts, anything goes so have fun! Click here to read our advice on keeping your eyes safe when dealing with cosmetics and contact lenses.

As you consider which color lenses to take the leap with, remember two things:

* Firstly, no matter what decision you make, you can always change your mind! Feeling like blue one week and then purple the next? You’re not locked into one particular tint, so experiment to find what you believe to be your ideal choice.

* Secondly, what matters the most is YOUR personal preference. The insights provided above are meant to serve as general suggestions and may not coincide with what you had in mind. Express yourself and find the coloring that makes you feel beautiful and confident.