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New Air Optix Colors in Plus Powers for Hyperopia

Replacemycontacts/ March 5, 2015/ Product Spotlight/

Exciting news! We are so pleased to announce the arrival of brand new Air Optix Color lenses in plus powers, available to order now through ReplaceMyContacts.com. While not an entirely new line to us, what is new is that they’ve extended their offerings in these beautiful lenses. Individuals with hyperopia (a.k.a. farsightedness) can now have the vibrant options available to

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5 Easy Halloween Costumes To Try With Colored Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ October 21, 2014/ Cosmetic/

If any holiday allows you to express your creativity, Halloween is the celebration. It’s the one night a year when you get to access your inner child and enjoy a total evening of dress-up and make-believe.  However, if your inner child is not as creative as the other kids on the playground, you might want to opt for an easy

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The Different Kinds of Color Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ October 8, 2014/ Choosing the Best Contact/

Types of Colored Contact Lenses Fall is fashion season. Soon our fashion sense will be putting on the ritz when invitations to seasonal costume parties or homecoming celebrations arrive in the mail. If you are a prolific shopper and can’t wait to browse the racks looking for that perfect autumn ensemble, plan ahead to add one dazzling accessory that is

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Better With or Without Glasses: Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence

Replacemycontacts/ March 10, 2014/ Celebrity/

         Are “girls-next-door” Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence more attractive with or without glasses?  Of course there is no way to provide an undisputable answer,  we will do our best to provide our take. Jennifer Aniston: the Case for “With Glasses” Often regarded as a beachy beauty with a carefree appeal, there is no denying that the frames add a

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How to Choose Colored Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ October 23, 2013/ Cosmetic/

At one point or another, we’ve all longingly wondered what we would look like with different colored irises. After all, sporting a different hue is a fun way to play with our style, make our peepers seductively pop and, with Halloween right around the corner, take our costume to a whole other level. Countless celebrities have pulled off cosmetic contacts,

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