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#TBT 5 Celebrities Who Could’ve Used Contacts

Oh, how we do enjoy digging through, old archived photos of our favorite beautiful people, catching them in their often outdated glasses. This week, we think most of these pics display a certain cringe-worthiness we’ve all experienced when looking at old photos. Luckily, we can usually laugh it off and chalk it up to changing […]

7 Celebrities Who Could Have Used Contacts

In the purest sense, the word “celebrity” refers to someone who has become popular and well known among the masses. Celebrities are coveted because they are rich, beautiful and perfect in every way. However, they weren’t always that way. Even the most glamorous of the red-carpet elite have had their share of fashion faux pas […]

Better With or Without Glasses: Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis

Why is it that women just love a man who possesses an impish smirk and indisputable sweetness? Ashton Kutcher exudes these swoon-worthy traits on screen. But does he change his whole persona when trying on a pair of eyeglasses?  We think so. It seems like Ashton gains both a sense of maturity and a look […]

Better With or Without Glasses: Ryan Gosling & Ryan Reynolds

One of the many benefits of contact lenses is that they allow you the freedom to ditch the frames but, every once in a while, it may be nice to bring out the old eyeglasses to diversify your look. While many of us prefer what we see in the mirror when we are free of […]