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Causes of Dry Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ March 13, 2014/ Eye Health/

The distracting discomfort that accompanies dry eyes is enough to ruin almost any happy day – it brings about unnatural feelings of fatigue, inability to focus when reading, redness and sometimes physical pain. Many of us reach for the bottle of eye drops to remedy this symptom, and give little thought to what could be causing this irritation. To consider

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The Most Common Causes of Eye Infections

Replacemycontacts/ January 28, 2014/ Eye Health/

Just like all other bodily organs, our eyes are vulnerable to occasional malfunctions.  When our eyes fall ill, it is crucial to take the necessary steps in order to quickly and effectively nurse them back to health.  Indications of an eye infection can range from slight discomfort to severe pain, and can be anywhere from barely visible to an extreme

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