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Common Eyesight Conditions: Astigmatism, Nearsightedness, Presbyopia and More

As the age-old expression goes, “seeing is believing,” so what happens when your eyesight is faulty? When you take eyesight into consideration, seeing things blurred or clear is vital when looking at how vision shapes our reality. Can you read that sign 20 feet from you? Is it slowing down your day and mentally taking […]

Contacts and Astigmatism

How many times have we heard individuals bemoan being forced to wear glasses? One of the most common reasons you’ll undoubted hear is “I can’t wear contacts because I have astigmatism.” Well, truth be told, the idea that you can’t wear lenses because of this condition is a myth that far too many people buy […]

Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism Contact Lenses: $50 Rebate!

  You can purchase Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism Contact Lenses for an incredible rebate. These lenses offer a wet, soothing feeling for sensitive and dry eyes, and we'll give you $50 back for every 12 boxes you purchase.   Why drive from your eye doctor's office to a store? will give you the […]

What’s the Best Brand of Contact Lenses?

Each brand of contact lenses is unique. So it’s better to ask which is the best for you. Over 90 percent of contact lens wearers use soft lenses, so this advice is about them. When looking for soft lenses, consider the following: Base curve.  This is the primary curve at the back of the contact […]