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The History of Johnson & Johnson

If you are someone that is very much dependent on your contact lenses for clearer vision, you may have wondered how these tiny medical devices came to be. Or perhaps, who is the biggest manufacturer of contact lenses? To answer your question, Johnson & Johnson Company is actually the world’s largest contact lens manufacturer. The […]

Why the Flow of Oxygen is Important to Eye Health

As two of our most precious biological commodities, our eyes require constant upkeep to ensure long-lasting, optimal performance. While a nutritious diet and proper maintenance will certainly help warrant a strong condition, there are additional precautionary measures to also keep in mind. One in particular is allowing them to breathe! Making sure our eyes receive […]

Contacts and Astigmatism

How many times have we heard individuals bemoan being forced to wear glasses? One of the most common reasons you’ll undoubted hear is “I can’t wear contacts because I have astigmatism.” Well, truth be told, the idea that you can’t wear lenses because of this condition is a myth that far too many people buy […]