Reasons Why Contacts Rock!

Contacts– they empower you to be unshackled by glasses, benefit from UV protection and witness the world with clear sight. To celebrate the endless possibilities that are available to you with lenses, we’ve highlighted some of the beautiful, exciting experiences you can behold with contact lenses that may otherwise not be possible with eyeglasses.

As anyone who has worn for glasses for a while can vouch for, an annoying aspect of wearing glasses is the persisting need to remove them to wipe away the steam. This can be an irritation while cooking, drinking a piping hot cup of tea or navigating particularly foggy environments. Luckily, humidity doesn’t have a negative effect on contacts, allowing you to travel through damp conditions to witness truly beautiful settings without having to wipe away the obtrusive mist. The rain forest? Hiking in the murky mountains?  Depending on your preference when vacationing, you may enjoy the freedom of being able to nightly toss 1-Day Acuvue so you don’t have to worry about solution and a case, or the extended wear capabilities of PureVision.


Ice skating evokes sweet memories of romantic dates, hot coco and lovely pirouettes. However, with one fall, your eye glasses can become cracked. Therefore, enjoy this cold weathered activity with a pair of contacts so, if you do happen to tumble forward, your hands will be concerned with blocking your impact rather than securing your eye glasses. Skiing, sledding, snowmobiling . . . let the winter sports begin!


Another activity you can’t wear frames while doing? Roller coasters! With the plunging hills, zooming loops and the jerking upside down movement, your glasses will fall from your face to the hard ground in a matter of mere seconds.  Give yourself some peace of mind during the wild ride and pop in contacts. Plus, you can keep your eyes pleasantly wet against the whipping air with the Acuvue 1 Day Moist lenses.


Even a trip to the movies can be a nuisance with specs, especially if you’re handed 3-D glasses at the door.  Layering one on top of the other will feel just plain silly. Plus, let’s not forget about how they can be cumbersome when playing sports, cuddling, walking in the rain . . . so tell us readers, what activities have you found wearing contacts has made possible?


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