Popular Sunglasses Trends for 2014

Whether you’re shielding your eyes from the sun’s obtrusive rays, masking your sans-makeup face from onlookers, or adding a little edge to an outfit, sunglasses are the perfect year-round accessories.  A signature sunglasses style can become, in a way, like an extension of a personality—think, the Olsens’ oversized bohemian shades, Lennon’s small round frames, and Bono’s sleek futuristic sunspecs.  When debating which direction you want to go in, try to make sure your sunglasses flatter your facial structure, provide optimal UV protection, and of course, are on trend with the season’s hottest styles.  To help you on your mission in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, here is a run down of the what’s to come for popular sunglasses trends this year.

0001917_250Colored Mirror

Sunglasses with multicolored, mirrored lenses seem to be all the rage this upcoming season.  Though they might give off a summer, beachy vibe, this style can undoubtedly be worn during any season to add a pop of color to an outfit.  These shades come in a variety of colors and the mirrored detail on the modern twist on the classic lens. For some additional inspiration, check out this pair of Von Zipper sunglasses with its coolly purple lenses.

The Dramatic Cat Eye

Nothing screams fashionista quite like dramatic cat eye sunglasses.  This style, made famous by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, alludes that you are mysterious, confidant and cat-eye-sunglasses-300x226polished, even if you happen to be re-covering from the previous night’s escapades. This style is especially flattering to individuals with heart-shaped, oval and square faces.


This classic style seems to make a comeback every few years.  The beauty about these shades is that they can be dressed up or down, and are subtle enough as to not over power your face.  Plus, they have the power to make you feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and who doesn’t love that?


This year, more and more, we are seeing intricate embellishments added to otherwise standard frames. Fit for the fashion-forward females, decorated frames are the perfect statement ensemble piece.  Popular embellished frame styles this year are floral detailing, and metal weaving.

Regardless if you prefer simple and smart, or bold and embellished, there is a sunglasses style out there for everyone.  Contrary to belief that they are strictly summer accessories, classic sunglasses styles can be worn year-round and carried over from season to season.  After all, our eyes need shielding year round, especially when snow reflects rays; consider purchasing contact lenses from a brand like Acuvue that incorporates UV protection.

Whatever your preferred taste may be, just make they are properly polarized and complementary to your facial features.  Sunglasses that are either too small or overwhelmingly large can be distracting and, at times, look foolish.  So embrace the upcoming trends and opt for 2014’s hottest sunglasses styles.

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