#TBT: 5 Celebrities Who Could’ve Used Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ September 17, 2015/ Celebrity/

We love a good theme, and what’s better than a stroll through memory lane: Full House Edition. If you were too young to watch the show when it was actually out on ABC stations wildly popular T.G.I.F. series, you’re in luck. Netflix has just announced the cast will reunite for a whopping 13 episodes sometime in 2016. In the words

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How to Put In Contact Lenses with Long Nails

Replacemycontacts/ September 14, 2015/ Lens Care/

Having long fingernails is a lot of fun—they look great and you get to go wild with color, design, and even shape! Of course, that extra length on the end of your fingertip can make certain things a little more complicated. Usually, these are everyday things you don’t typically think twice about, like buttoning your pants or putting in your

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Why You Should Never Sleep in Your Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ September 3, 2015/ Eye Health, Lens Care/

Late nights out with friends, studying, working, or just being downright lazy have all led us to hit the pillow with our contacts still in our eyes. You might not think it’s that big a deal. After all, it’s kind of like the “wash your face before bed” rule, right? Wrong! Forgetting to wash your face at night might result

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The Benefits of One-Day Contact Lenses

Replacemycontacts/ September 1, 2015/ Choosing the Best Contact/

One-day contacts, also known as daily disposable contacts, have a ton of great benefits for the wearer. You might be surprised to know that only about 7% of contact wearers opt for these convenient lenses. While we love all contacts, there’s something special about one days and we figured we’d shed a little light on exactly why we think they’re

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Better With or Without Glasses: Kendall Jenner

Replacemycontacts/ August 27, 2015/ Celebrity/

Kendall Jenner needs no introduction…if you keep up with reality TV, fashion, or Instagram; she has become a celebrity with star power. Of course, it all harkens back to her famous sister, Kim Kardashian, which led to the smash hit reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, now in its 10th season. But let’s not get distracted; we’re here

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