These Futuristic Contact Lenses Contain a Mini-Telescope

We all know how precious our eyesight is, especially for those of us that have been able to take advantage of contacts and glasses to improve once-blurry vision. We know that being without your Biofinity lenses or Acuvue Oasys contacts for just a day can make the world such a different place. Luckily, scientists agree, […]

How Optical Illusions Work

Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion? When you stare at something and suddenly it shifts into an entirely new picture without physically changing, it’s pretty surreal. It’s not a sign that your trusty Air Optix lenses or glasses aren’t working. It’s all just your brain perceiving the image in a new way. All day […]

#TBT: 8 Celebrities Who Could’ve Used Contacts

This #TBT is a throwback that includes all sorts of famous folks. We’ve got some va-va-voom icons, politicians, a couple heartthrobs, and a lovable old TV show nerd. Quite a mix, right? Well, the one thing they’ve all got in common is the use of glasses at one point or another, and we’ll gently show […]

What It Means To Have 20/20 Vision

Most of us consider 20/20 vision pretty gosh darn perfect, but have you ever wondered what it actually means? It’s a standard used to measure how good one’s eyesight is, but, again, what’s it all about? Well, the answer might surprise you. While you might imagine it means something rather complicated and technical about your […]

Our Favorite Movie Glasses Makeovers

We love movie makeovers—particularly when they involve the character ditching their glasses and stepping out in total confidence. After all, is there a better film plot than a lovable, helpless nerd in need of some beauty guidance (usually to land a hot date), who, in the span of about 90 minutes, morphs from total geek […]