10 Daily Health Habits to Commit to This Year


  The start of a new year always gets people buzzing about ways to improve their lives to become a healthier, happier, and overall better person. There’s something about the idea of a clean slate on January 1 that the masses find motivating. If you’re also looking to commit to better health and self-care in 2016, keep […]

Pterygium 101 – What Is “Surfer’s Eye” & How to Treat It

Pterygium 101 - Header

Pterygium, also called “Surfer’s Eye,” is a fairly common eye condition. It’s a pink, noncancerous growth on the white of the eye. It can grow slowly overtime, spreading further and further over the white of the eyeball. For some people, the pterygium eventually stops growing. In more advanced cases, it may continue to grow, spreading […]

How to Live Comfortably with Dry Eye Syndrome


Living with dry eye syndrome is not fun. Anyone who has ever wrestled with dry, scratchy eyes knows just how uncomfortable and disruptive they can be to daily life. While it’s common to experience dry eyes from time to time, dry eye syndrome is a chronic, often progressive condition. That means it is not only […]

Better With or Without Glasses: Adele


Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if… you’d like to talk about contacts. Too much? We couldn’t help ourselves. Adele’s newest single is everywhere, and we’re fans like everyone else! The British songstress recently crept out from behind the curtains to quite literally smack our hearts again with another one of her insanely beautiful, poetic love ballads. […]

What is a Chalazion and How to Treat it

What is a Chalazion

  A chalazion is a small(ish), round lump that can grow on both the upper and lower eyelid. It is also known as a cyst, which is a term that’s likely more familiar to you. Like a cyst, a chalazion is generally painless and nothing to worry about — really, it’s likely more annoying than anything else. Chalazion […]