How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked?

Whether or not you currently need vision correction, knowing how often you should get your eyes checked can help ensure that you always see things as clearly as you do today. Having routine exams helps you stay on top of your eye health and preventing trouble down the road. It gives your doctor a chance […]

How to Detect Lies by Looking at Someone’s Eyes

There’s nothing worse than having someone hide the truth from you, but with a few key tricks, you can know how to tell if someone is lying by simply looking at their eyes. There are lots of ways to help aid you in this unfortunate scenario so you can reveal the truth for yourself. Sometimes […]

What’s The Purpose of Eyelashes?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why we have those tiny, stiff hairs growing on the edges of our eyes, you’re not alone. While it’s simply just an accepted trait we’ve all got, not many people actually know the purpose of eyelashes.  After all, what do they do? Why do humans even have eyelashes? These […]

#TBT 7 Celebrities Who Could’ve Used Contacts

It’s Thursday, which can only mean one thing: time for a good ‘ol #TBT. Keep reading for some hilariously awesome pics of some of our favorite actors, pop stars, and comedians! Morgan Freeman An actor most people can identify based on his distinct, deep voice alone, Morgan Freeman has looked pretty much the same for […]

Can You Use Eye Drops With Contact Lenses?

Pesky irritations, like allergies or dry eyes, can make the need for eye drops with your contact lenses a very real thing! Being able to squeeze a few liquid droplets into your peepers to soothe and calm them is sometimes just what the doctor ordered (except not really because we’re talking about general over-the-counter, or […]