Better With or Without: Selena Gomez

Replacemycontacts/ November 10, 2015/ Celebrity/

We love a good rags to riches story, especially when it involves a thriving Hollywood sweetheart like Selena Gomez. Born to teenage parents in the early 90’s, Selena was no stranger to dollar store dinners and scrounging change to make ends meet as a young tyke. Selena is now a household name thanks to long running stints on the Disney

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How Give Yourself an Eye Massage

Replacemycontacts/ November 5, 2015/ Eye Health/

There’s almost nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. Plush robes, tranquil music, yummy scented creams and oils, and of course, the stress-relieving massage. The only downside to these delightfully indulgent days is the expense—they don’t come cheap, which is why we love anything that recreates a spa-like experience at home. In this piece we’ll let you in

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What is a Hydrogel Lens?

Replacemycontacts/ November 3, 2015/ Choosing the Best Contact/

Contacts are life changing—just watch any geek-to-chic romantic comedy, where the lovable nerd morphs into a serious babe thanks to a makeover. One of the first things to go are the glasses, replaced with a pair of fresh contacts. While contacts have their benefits, they aren’t perfect, much as it pains us to admit that. If you’re a contact wearer,

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Are “Scary” Halloween Contacts Safe for Eyes?

Replacemycontacts/ October 29, 2015/ Cosmetic/

Besides the pumpkin spice-everything required for fall, there’s also HALLOWEEN, a favorite holiday for so many good reasons. Now, we never want to be a Debbie Downer, but we’ve got to bring it up: all those scary Halloween contacts—well, they give us the total creeps (and not in the spirited way). Keep reading to find out why! Dressing up and

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Colors to Wear to Enhance Blue Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ October 28, 2015/ Cosmetic/

Blue eyes are pretty dreamy on their own, au natural. They come in tons of different shades of blue, from Caribbean clear-blue water, to deep, rich midnight navy blue. It’s hard to think how blue eyes could get any more beautiful or stand out, but there are definitely certain colors you can wear to enhance them even more than they

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