How to Keep Contact Lenses Clean

The importance of proper eye care hygiene for contact wearers cannot be stressed enough. On top of the grit and dust our eyes accumulate from the atmosphere throughout the day, there is also the added burden of interaction with fingers. If contact lenses are not properly 4960522015_899e0ae02bcared for, it could result in hazy vision, sensitivity to light, and infection. Our eyes are extremely fragile organs; therefore, anything that that touches them should be completely sterile and nonthreatening. By following a few precautionary steps, your eyes can avoid contamination and continue in their mission of delivering optimal sight.

The first step before handling contacts is to make sure they have a sanitary finger to both transfer contacts onto and remove from eyes. Try to use a mild soap that won’t leave a film of oil or perfume on the lens, which could irritate the eye and impair vision. When drying your hands, use a clean, lint-free cloth towel or a fresh paper towel. It is crucial to make sure your hands are in the cleanest state possible, as they can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that could eventually end up on your eyes. For additional tips on how to put in your contact lenses, check out our instructional video.

Not all solutions are created equal in this product-saturated world. Since different types of lenses require certain solutions, it is important to consult with your doctor before choosing the best type of solution and brand. Additionally, it often it will say on the bottle which kinds of contacts it is compatible with. Also, be aware that not all eye drops are safe for contact wearers; therefore, try to only purchase products that are contact-friendly. Before storing your contacts in their cartridges overnight, place a dab of solution between your index finger and thumb and gently rub each lens to remove any lingering surface buildup. Of course, thoroughly cleaning your contacts is worthless if you just end up storing them in a dirty case. Be sure to clean your cases each time before usage and swap them out for new ones about every three months.

Contact wearers must be extremely conscientious when it comes to their eye health. Due to the added layer resting their eyes for long periods of time, making sure their lenses are continuously disinfected is crucial. Thoroughly cleaning each lens upon removal and before storing, while also making sure you are 0001319_250replacing them as dictated or else you are vulnerable to conditions corneal ulcers. To learn more about what happens if you wear contacts for too long, click here.

A few simple steps and precautionary procedures will ensure that your eyes are avoiding infections and functioning to the best of their ability. However, if you’re someone who has trouble adhering to the above suggestions, there are alternatives. Contacts like the Focus Dailies are meant to be worn for one day and then tossed at night in favor of a new pair the following morning; though it is absolutely crucial that your hands are clean when you pop them in, this kind of lens removes the need for nightly cleaning, solution or cases.

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