How To Find Contact Lens Rebates

rebatesOnline shopping has become a staple in the modern American economy. Consumers can purchase items within minutes and have them shipped anywhere in the country. Online shopping also provides the additional benefit of providing instant coupons and rebates right on the websites. You no longer need to search through the Sunday paper to find a “buy one pair and get a pair free” coupon or send mail to a company asking for a specific rebate or special offer. Online shopping provides immediate satisfaction and results. Rebates add a bit more satisfaction to your purchase by providing you with bonuses and extra discounts. Another advantage is that the Internal Revenue Service considers rebates price reductions rather than income, so these transactions are tax-free to the customer!

Watch For Web Rebates To Save Cash On Contacts

Websites like ReplaceMyContacts provide customers with all of the rebates from each contact lens manufacturer. Customers must meet manufacturers’ specific requirements in order to qualify for a rebate. For example, you may need to buy 6 months’ worth of disposable Acuvue contact lenses to get 3 months free. The website then coordinates to ship the orders anywhere in the country. The necessary contact lens rebate forms and instructions can often be found on the website. This explains exactly how to redeem specific manufacturer rebates either through the mail or online.

Use Email Newsletters and Social Media To Save, Too!

Nearly all contact lens manufacturers offer rebates. One way to save is to sign up for company e-mail newsletters. Manufacturers will send out rebates and coupons to frequent shoppers to help maximize savings.

You should also regularly check the company’s social media pages because many businesses will place special offers and promotions on their websites in order to generate more of a following. This is such a convenient way to check out the latest discounts! The regular prices on the website are already heavily discounted when compared to in store retailers and optometry offices, but if you take advantage of all the discounts and rebates, you can save even more. There is no easier way to get the eye care you need with the prices you deserve to pay.

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