Costume Contacts & Safety

Contacts – they allow us to navigate the world with enhanced vision without the hassle of bulky and fragile glasses. However, on days like yesterday, lenses can provide another service of spicing up our Halloween costumes! Whether it’s to sport pigments not normally seen in nature (like gold) or to amp up the gruesomeness of appearing as a zombie, more and more people are discovering the transformative powers of costume contacts. Normally we favor the natural appearance of colored Freshlook contacts but, come October 31st, we admittedly love the spooky and fantastical lenses shown below! In honor of yesterday’s major holiday, we decided to highlight some important tips to wearing these cosmetic accessories!


It is crucial to note that failure to follow some very basic precautions can lead to optical injuries, as is the case with all contact lenses. To make sure that you are receiving quality contact lenses that won’t lead to bodily harm, never buy any sort of lens from a vendor that doesn’t require a prescription. Remember that to buy them without a prescription is actually illegal! Never, ever borrow someone else’s lenses, rageeven if it is only for a few hours. Failure to wear ones that are properly fitted can lead to scratched corneas, infections, abrasions and even blindness. All of this can easily be avoided by talking to your eye doctor and purchasing the lenses from a respected and trusted retailer.  Additionally, these lenses require the same kind of care as normal contacts. Make sure that your hands are washed 90-day-yellow-cats-eyeprior to application and always store in fresh solution. For tips on how to maintain a healthy environment for your eyes while wearing makeup, read our post Makeup & Contact Lenses.

Always follow the directions on the box, including the duration of time the contacts can be worn before removal is mandatory. If you experience discomfort, let your doctor or optometrist know immediately.

So keep your vision safe and your eyes particularly bright this Halloween and use costume contacts to flaunt a whole new side of you. Bring on the theatrics and bring out a bit of your wild side! Tell us in the comment section below if YOU would ever consider donning something as wacky was red irises, as well as how colored contacts could enhance this year’s costume.


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