The Most Famous Eyes in Hollywood

If you were alive in the bopping 80s, you can probably sing-a-long with the chorus of Kim Carne’s 1981 Grammy hit, “Betty Davis Eyes”. (Betty might have a hit song about her, but it is rumored that she also had a condition called Grave’s Disease. Caused by an increase in thyroid hormones, Grave’s Disease can affect the eyes with bulging, scientifically known as exophthalmos. ) However, there is no denying that a captivating pair of peepers can captivate the public’s attention, and a particularly smoldering stare has the ability to make an aspiring star standout.

So what about today’s starlets and the rest of Hollywood?  If we were to make a list of the most famous celebrity eyes, who would rank in your Top 10? Just for fun, we’ve created our own Top 10 list of the most famous Hollywood smolders; and to up the ante, we’ve decided to reveal whether these peepers are au natural, or if your favorite celebrity habitually pops in a pair of colored contact lenses before his or her red carpet debut.

Angelina-Jolie-21. Angelina Jolie

Without a doubt, Angelina Jolie is known as much for her talent as she is for those gorgeously wide eyes that, paired with arched eyebrows and full lips, exude pure sensuality. Her clear tint of blue can jump forth when framed with a seductive smoky eye or, when accompanied by soft browns or peach eye shadows, can come across as an au natural beauty.  To find out what eye cosmetics may work best for you, read out post about makeup tips for women who wear contact lenses.

Are those colored contacts?  Negative. Jolie’s flawless smolder is simply one of those natural occurrences that happens once every thousand or so births.

orlando-bloom-92. Orlando Bloom

After reveling in much success from both “The Lord of The Rings” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, Orlando Bloom has cemented his image of a sensitive-action hero. Regardless of whether he’s whipping about arrows or a sword, his soulful eyes remind viewers that he is, at his core, a romantic. Peering into them gives you the impression that Bloom is someone who you have known your entire life; kind of like the boy next store, but way hotter.

Are those colored contacts?  While playing the role of Legolas in Lord of the Rings, Bloom used contacts to switch his deep brown eyes to blue. On a normal day, what you see is what you get with those gorgeous, chocolate-colored eyes.

texting-startup-groupme-snags-a-partnership-with-paris-hilton 3. Paris Hilton

Known as one of the industry’s hottest socialites from coast to coast, Paris Hilton is always dressed in the latest fashions and hippest designers. You may doubt her brains, but there’s no denying she’s a trendsetter, and an attractive one at that! Her striking blue eyes are beautiful against her long, blonde locks – but are they real?

Are those colored contacts?  Hilton is one star who wears colored contacts on a regular basis to enhance her image. In fact, Hilton’s natural eye color is brown. Her favorite pair of blue contacts features black edging.

Victoria's Secret 'Backstage Sexy Photo Book'4. Tyra Banks

TV host and successful supermodel Tyra Banks took on the role of camera darling with her trademark sparkling eyes. Their curious shape and heavy lids make hers a unique set. As the originator of the terms “smile with your eyes,” it should be no surprise that her own set has empowered to become one of the most successful models ever.

Are those colored contacts?  One thing that is certain is Tyra’s eyes change color—in almost every photo. Most of her promotional shoots employ the use of a greenish-amber contact, but other times her natural, deep brown eyes get the spotlight.

5. Wentworth Miller

Wentworth is best known as the star of Fox’s “Prison Break”. His blue eyes are at once both wentworth_miller_-10442youthfully bright and wise. Maybe that is because Miller is also a Princeton University graduate, well-accomplished with an English degree to fall back on, should he ever decide to leave Hollywood.

Are those colored contacts?  Negative. If you search through the hundreds of internet photos of him online, a few photos appear to feature Wentworth Miller with amber colored eyes. This is due to some snazzy Photoshop skills by fans; not contact lenses.

6. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer-Aniston-turns-45Plenty of “Friends” television fans fell head over heels for Jen’s dazzlingly blue, half-moon eyes. It’s no wonder Aniston is one of today’s most beautiful celebrities, even at age 45. How does she continue to glow brighter year after year?

Are those colored contacts?  Yep! Aniston’s natural eye color is brown, but blue colored contacts have become an almost constant companion for our Jen.

megan_fox_117. Megan Fox

Blockbuster “Transformers” babe Megan Fox was awarded the top spots in FMH’s Sexiest Woman in the World and Maxim’s Hot 100 lists, and we’ve no doubt that her striking stare helped to get her there. The young Hollywood celebrity is thought to be one of the fastest rising performers on the big screen, and is certainly one of the hottest female sex symbols of our time.

Are those colored contacts?  Fox actually has natural hazel colored eyes. It is well known that she wears blue eye contacts for a more stunning effect.

The Counselor Special Screening8. Penelope Cruz

Which Latina has the most beautiful eyes? It’s absolutely no contest: The always stunning Penelope Cruz has owned that honor for years. Warm and inviting, the “Spanish enchantress” could captivate any leading man with a wink of those brown eyes.

Are those colored contacts?  Cruz is a huge colored contact fan. She often likes to dress up their hue to match her stylish ensembles.

Richard-Gere-richard-gere-8692857-602-6349. Richard Gere

For the past fifteen years, Richard Gere has topped the numerous Sexiest Man Alive lists. Best recognized as the debonair gentleman with the bedroom eyes in “Pretty Woman” Gere has also been accredited with a Golden Globe for his starring role as a two-trick ladies’ man lawyer in the musical “Chicago”.
Are those colored contacts?  Negative. Gere has always stuck to his natural brown eye color; however he often is seen wearing eyeglasses, which he seems to prefer.

Christina-Aguilera-1-510x31810. Christina Aguilera

With bright blue eyes and an even brighter career, acappella star Christina Aguilera has sold over 20 million records since she started on the scene in 1994. Her humble beginnings started at the Mickey Mouse Club in 1994, alongside the sumptuous smolders of Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling – there must have been something in the water.

Are those colored contacts?   Yes, they are! Christina already has natural dark blue eyes, but uses colored contacts to enhance and lighten their color; to enhance your tint without completely transforming it, check out Freshlook Lite tint contact lenses.


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