Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions: Listen to Your Doctor!

All contact lens solutions are not created equal. A cleaning solution that doesn’t match your lenses can cause red, itchy eyes—or even turn your contact lenses brown!  We know it’s tempting to buy the bottle on sale, but it’s vital to use the solution recommended by your eye doctor. Also, make sure to read the fine print closely. It can mean the difference between a carefree life and another trip to the optometrist.

Each type of contact lenses requires a specific mix of cleaning and disinfection agents to keep your eyes healthy. This is balanced with preservatives to keep the solution fresh. No matter what the bottle claims, each solution is different, with unique ingredients that are often proprietary—that is, available to the manufacturer and no one else. And remember, not all solutions can safely be placed into the eye! When prescribing your lenses, your eye doctor knows the cleaning solution that will keep them safe and clear. It might be more expensive than the store brand, but your eyes are priceless.

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