Clear Care Contact Lens Solution Linked to Burning and Redness

Many consumers turn to Clear Care contact lens solution for the disinfecting, sterilization, and storage of contact lenses.  This product claims to be effective, easy to use, and gentle on the eyes.  Reviews of this product, however, have been quite mixed – the negative reviews claiming this product to be harsh and hazardous.  Therefore, users of this solution beware – and be sure to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before using this product.

amo-lens-solution-recallIn the past, however, what the front label lacked what the proper warnings about the dangers of using this contact lens solution improperly.  There have been over 110 complaints to the Food and Drug Administration about Clear Care burning and irritating the eyes.  While minor label changes have been made in attempt to warn consumers, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, a non-profit medication safety association, claims that these changes are not sufficient in giving the proper warning to the consumer.  Members of this association have been lobbying for more drastic changes to be made for sometime – as complaints continue to flow in, many at a time. 

Clear Care contact lens solution comes with a special contact lens case containing a metal ring that neutralizes the solution in six hours. The contact lenses should not be used with Clear Care solution in a normal, everyday lens storage case.  The consumer should not place the solution directly in the eye, and must keep lenses in the solution for no less than six hours. 

Officials at Ciba Vision, the company that produces Clear Care, along with the Food and Drug Administration, state with certainty that the warning labels have been recently changed and are now adequate enough to communicate the dangers of improper use of this product.  The label now predominantly displays the hydrogen peroxide content, along with warnings of possible burning or irritation.

9539429998_9d67280635_zDespite these changes that have been made, reports of severe burning and pain are continuing to come in.  The pain that comes with improper use is alarming and excruciating.  Consumers have claimed to experience searing pain and irritation that feels like the eye is on fire.  This pain and discomfort, even after washing out the eye, may last for several days.  One person claimed that the pain was worse than scratching the cornea.

While it should go without saying, the consumer should read the labels and instructions properly before using certain products – especially something that is going to be used in the eyes.  While the labels of Clear Care solution do give warnings and instructions of proper use on the label, some people continue to use it improperly.  The issue is that this solution is not meant to be used as your everyday cleaning solution.  It is for overnight use only.  Many people just assume that it can be used as a normal solution, and that is where the trouble lies.  The solution to this not-so-clear solution may be even more predominant warnings on the label, making it obvious to anyone who picks up a bottle of Clear Care contact lens solution that this is not a normal, everyday rinsing solution, and to use with caution.

If nightly cleaning your contacts in solution is unappealing, consider switching to a Dailies Aquacomfort Plus or Acuvue 1 Day Moist. Crafted to be replaced daily, these contact lenses are tossed at night instead of being submerged in contact solution.

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