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How Do Glow in the Dark Contacts Work?

glow in the dark contacts

Have you ever been out dancing and noticed someone next to you with glowing eyes? You (probably) weren’t seeing things ‒ glow in the dark contacts are a totally real thing. Previously reserved for Halloween costumes, these spooktacular lenses can now be found out just about any weekend thanks to their new home at nightclubs. […]

A Black Eye – What Causes Them and How Serious Are They to Eye Health?


A black eye, caused by blunt trauma to the eye area, is just like any other bruise on your body. Since it’s on your face, it can be a bit more embarrassing to deal with—and there’s no doubt you’ll be plagued with questions about it by every person you come across. A baseball cap and […]

The History of Contact Lenses


Contact lenses have revolutionized the way we think about and deal with vision problems. Of course, they weren’t invented overnight. In fact, it’s taken a whopping 500+ years to get to the technology to where it is today! In this piece we take a stroll down memory lane to discuss how the grand idea of […]

9 Optical Illusion Street Artists You Should Know

Optical illusion street artists make our cities a little brighter, funkier, and more interesting thanks to the tireless hours they pour into creating murals, sculptures, and other artistic pieces that can be enjoyed by any person passing down an artful avenue. Instead of having to travel to a museum, people are able to partake and […]

Studies Show That Contact Lenses Boost Confidence

What makes you feel confident in your appearance? As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. A new hairstyle, a new outfit, even a new pair of shoes can offer an emotional boost in the wearer. In a world that highly values beauty and glamor, it stands to reason that we might […]