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Why Are Night Vision Goggles Green?

why are night vision goggles green

The nighttime is great for a bunch of things, like stargazing, dancing (it’s mostly too awkward to do in pure daylight, right?), bonfires and ghost stories. With the sun gone and darkness setting in, there’s a total mood and vibe to the night that can’t be beat. But you know what kinda puts a damper […]

10 Places to See Before You Die

places to see before you die

Don’t let all the downtrodden nightly news stories discourage you: the world is (still) truly a magical place. Filled with wonders and unimaginable beauty, putting together a bucket list of must-sees can be a tough task. In this piece, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular and breathtaking places to see before you die. […]

Ideas for Work You Can do Offline to Reduce Computer Eye Strain

ways to reduce computer eye strain

Most of us spend a lot of time staring at a screen – especially those of us who work in an office. Those 8+ hours of screen time daily can cause computer eye strain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. Related symptoms like dry eyes can be particularly irksome on days where the workload is […]

10 Amazing Ways the Human Eye Reveals Thoughts and Emotions

Reveal Thoughts + Emotions

  When pressing someone for the truth, you likely have an instinct to look directly into his or her eyes. In fact, you may have also requested they, in turn, look you in the eye. Have you ever wondered why? It may be a request from the subconscious, but it’s a spot-on idea. That’s because […]

The Most Common Age-Related Eye Problems


As we age, it’s common to begin to notice different eye health problems. These conditions can vary widely, both in symptoms experienced and in the resulting effect they have on the eyeball and vision. Luckily, most age-related issues can be treated – or even corrected – with medication, procedures, and prescription glasses or contacts. Keep reading for […]