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5 No-Fail Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout

five no fail ways to stick to a workout routine

Nothing like the hot summer months to remind us we’re either bikini ready…or not. We can all admit that staying motivated to work out and stick to a routine can melt away faster than an ice cream cone in July heat. However, even if you’re not currently at your ideal beach body, there’s not time […]

How to Detect Lies by Looking at Someone’s Eyes

There’s nothing worse than having someone hide the truth from you, but with a few key tricks, you can know how to tell if someone is lying by simply looking at their eyes. There are lots of ways to help aid you in this unfortunate scenario so you can reveal the truth for yourself. Sometimes […]

These Futuristic Contact Lenses Contain a Mini-Telescope

We all know how precious our eyesight is, especially for those of us that have been able to take advantage of contacts and glasses to improve once-blurry vision. We know that being without your Biofinity lenses or Acuvue Oasys contacts for just a day can make the world such a different place. Luckily, scientists agree, […]

How Optical Illusions Work

Who doesn’t love a good optical illusion? When you stare at something and suddenly it shifts into an entirely new picture without physically changing, it’s pretty surreal. It’s not a sign that your trusty Air Optix lenses or glasses aren’t working. It’s all just your brain perceiving the image in a new way. All day […]

How Animals See The World

Ever wondered how animals see the world? Is it the same as us, or better? Worse? Are colors different? Come to think of it, do animals even see color? So many questions. Luckily, scientists have been hard at work trying to assess the ins and outs of animal eyesight, and the answers are pretty intriguing. […]