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Can Contact Lenses Freeze?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! If you are receiving packages on your doorstep, there is concern about leaving parcels out in the freezing temperatures. If you order contact lenses online, and their package is delivered and then left in the cold weather while you are away at work or school, you might arrive home […]

How To Tell If Your Contact Lenses Are Inside Out

Oh the pain! If you have ever accidentally placed your soft contact lenses into your eye when the lens was inside out, you most likely realized immediately the error of your ways.  If the uncomfortable feeling weren’t enough, lens wearers are also clued in when they try to blink. Often times the contact lens falls […]

Can You Cry With Contacts In?

“Cry Me a River.” “Fool to Cry.” “Baby Stop Crying.” Have you ever wondered why so many hit songs are written about crying?  Let’s face it, life brings us plenty of both happy tears and sad tears. If you wear contacts, you may have wondered if crying with contacts is safe. Will weeping wash contacts […]

Can you wear daily contacts more than once?

There are plenty of reasons to sing the praises of daily disposable contact lenses. Physicians love them because of their one-day disposable aspect virtually eliminates the chance of harmful dirt and lens deposits accumulating, which can cause severe eye infections. Users adore them because, with the ease of simply replacing them every morning, it eliminates […]