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4 Activities You Should Remove Your Contact Lenses For

We know how much you love your contact lenses. After all, what’s not to love, really? They fix vision in an instant, are lightweight, and invisible—totally unlike the glasses that sit on your face, hiding your eyes, bearing down into the sides of your nose, and rubbing behind both of your ears. No thanks. Also, […]

Can You Wear Contacts In The Shower?

Oops; did you hop in the shower wearing your contact lenses? If you are wearing a pair of soft disposable contacts, like Air Optix Aqua or Biofinity lenses, go ahead and enjoy a steamy, hot shower for a few minutes. After you step out of the tub, pop out your contacts and toss them in […]

Can Contact Lenses Freeze?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! If you are receiving packages on your doorstep, there is concern about leaving parcels out in the freezing temperatures. If you order contact lenses online, and their package is delivered and then left in the cold weather while you are away at work or school, you might arrive home […]

How To Tell If Your Contact Lenses Are Inside Out

Oh the pain! If you have ever accidentally placed your soft contact lenses into your eye when the lens was inside out, you most likely realized immediately the error of your ways.  If the uncomfortable feeling weren’t enough, lens wearers are also clued in when they try to blink. Often times the contact lens falls […]

Can You Cry With Contacts In?

“Cry Me a River.” “Fool to Cry.” “Baby Stop Crying.” Have you ever wondered why so many hit songs are written about crying?  Let’s face it, life brings us plenty of both happy tears and sad tears. If you wear contacts, you may have wondered if crying with contacts is safe. Will weeping wash contacts […]