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Meet the Lens Designed to Replace Eye Drops (Nanowafers)

Replacemycontacts/ October 20, 2015/ Lens Care/

When you’ve got an eye situation— like an infection, irritation, dry, itchy, red (need we go on?), there is almost nothing quite as soothing as dropping in a few eye drops. When that wet, cool liquid hits your eyeball you can sometimes feel instant relief—at least until it’s time to reapply a few hours later. It’s important that your medicated

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How to Put In Contact Lenses with Long Nails

Replacemycontacts/ September 14, 2015/ Lens Care/

Having long fingernails is a lot of fun—they look great and you get to go wild with color, design, and even shape! Of course, that extra length on the end of your fingertip can make certain things a little more complicated. Usually, these are everyday things you don’t typically think twice about, like buttoning your pants or putting in your

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Why You Should Never Sleep in Your Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ September 3, 2015/ Eye Health, Lens Care/

Late nights out with friends, studying, working, or just being downright lazy have all led us to hit the pillow with our contacts still in our eyes. You might not think it’s that big a deal. After all, it’s kind of like the “wash your face before bed” rule, right? Wrong! Forgetting to wash your face at night might result

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What To Do When You Have A Torn Contact Lens

Replacemycontacts/ August 13, 2015/ Lens Care/

A torn contact lens is a mega bummer. We definitely sympathize with the urge to pop it back in your eye and keep wearing it, especially when it’s an awesome color pair like Acuvue 1 Day Define. However, we can’t emphasize it enough: don’t put a torn contact lens back in! We know, we know, the cost…who wants to throw

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