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Why Laughing Until You Cry Is Good For You

It was Reader’s Digest that popularized the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine” in its famous humor section. Now, science might prove the publication right. Laughing really hard to a point where your tears begin to gush uncontrollably might be one of the most medicinal emotional reactions humans experience. So, why do you cry when […]

9 Must-Read Questions For Anyone Who Is New To Contacts

1. What’s The Story With Cosmetic Contacts? If you wear contact lenses as a cosmetic enhancement, you still need to understand that all contact lenses are considered medical devices. Purchasing cosmetic contact lenses like Air Optix Colors will require a physician’s prescription. Offering them to a friend to borrow can cause eye infections, abrasions and […]

Can Contact Lenses Fall Out?

If wearing contact lenses every day of your life has been your status quo, you might be surprised if a friend who does not share your experience with vision correction asks you, “Can contact lenses fall out?” Those of us who have grown up needing corrective lenses have spent almost every day of our lives […]

Is It Bad To Read In The Dark?

Superheroes get to have x-ray vision in the dark. Nocturnal animals don’t even think twice about finding their way in the dead of night. So why do parents make such a big deal out of catching young bookworms reading under the covers? Does reading in the dark really hurt your eyes? Anyone who enjoyed the […]

What Happens To Your Eyes If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Is the concept of “beauty sleep” a myth? Not at all. According to leading doctors, beauty sleep is important to general health and vision – perhaps more so than you ever imagined! We know that what happens when you sleep with contacts can have an impact on your eye health, but what if you don’t […]