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What Causes Eye Floaters

Replacemycontacts/ May 7, 2015/ Eye Health/

You may not have ever straight up wondered before what causes eye floaters. However, you’ve probably experienced this strange experience. Ever noticed those tiny, squiggly little gray-to-black lines or dots when looking at something? You likely don’t always notice them, but they might appear when looking at the sky, a piece of white paper, or other vast, bright images. They’re

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Natural Remedies & Foods For Dry Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ April 23, 2015/ Eye Health/

Dry eyes are a huge nuisance, as anyone who’s ever had them knows, but there are some natural remedies you can employ to lessen the irritation. Everyone can experience this annoying sensation slightly differently, but main symptoms include red, irritated eyes, scratchiness, and even a burning sensation. It’s definitely something you shouldn’t have to put up with, as it can

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What It Means To Have 20/20 Vision

Replacemycontacts/ March 31, 2015/ Eye Health/

Most of us consider 20/20 vision pretty gosh darn perfect, but have you ever wondered what it actually means? It’s a standard used to measure how good one’s eyesight is, but, again, what’s it all about? Well, the answer might surprise you. While you might imagine it means something rather complicated and technical about your vision, but, in a way,

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What Being in Love Does to Your Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ March 24, 2015/ Eye Health/

Ah, love. That wonderful, heart-thumping, pumping, splendid thing. It makes you do all kinds of goofy things that ordinarily wouldn’t warrant any attention—you’ll find yourself laughing over nothing, eating food you hate so as not to disappoint a date, and going places you personally have no interest in but   suddenly, well, you’ve never heard of anything more riveting than the

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How Diabetes Affects Your Eyesight

Replacemycontacts/ March 10, 2015/ Eye Health/

Diabetes is a disease that affects the levels of sugar (glucose) in your blood. It’s a metabolic disease wherein a person either has too much or not enough glucose in their blood. There are a few different types of diabetes, known as Type I and Type 2. Type 1 typically arises in childhood and requires the use of insulin injections

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