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All About Cornea Transplants


The cornea is a massively important component of the eye—and your ability to see. It’s the clear, dome-shaped front of your eyeball. Since it’s the outermost layer of the eye, it tends to take a beating. Cornea scratches are a common thing and can happen from something as simple as a little piece of sawdust […]

Cataracts 101


We’ve mentioned cataracts a lot on here, but we’ve never actually dove into the topic. Chances are you probably know someone who’s had cataracts surgery before—typically someone older, like a great-aunt or grandparent. While it sounds awfully invasive, cataracts surgery is actually a fairly quick procedure that doesn’t even require a hospital stay. And the […]

How Your Ethnicity Affects Vision


Each ethnicity is unique and beautiful in its own right—and hopefully something you celebrate and share with others. It’s always fun to learn about new cultures’ beliefs, celebrations, languages, and more! Ethnicity, which refers specifically to your roots, can also be very telling concerning health and disease. That’s because each ethnicity has its own predisposition […]

Essential Vitamins for Eye Health


While we love having the option to pop in our contacts and our vision instantly corrected, it can still be a little disheartening to go to a yearly exam and find out your vision has gotten poorer since your last check-up. This can be especially true as you age, when vision slowly begins to deteriorate […]

Can You Be Allergic to Contact Lens Solution?


Allergies are always a drag. Whether you suffer from springtime pollen, pet dander, or a year-round dust, you can relate to the common complaints: itchy, watery eyes, a stuffy, sneezing nose, irritating hives…the list goes on. That said, the signs and symptoms of allergies tend to be somewhat universal and thus, fairly easy to tell […]