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Why Do People Blink?

Blinking: a perfectly involuntary movement we all make whenever we are awake. Whether you wear glasses, daily disposable lenses, extended wear contacts or nothing at all, we all blink, all the time. In fact, the only time people don’t blink is when their eyes are closed, such as during sleep for instance. While awake, the […]

Is It Bad To Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes sometimes just feels good, doesn’t it? Most of us do it to provide some sort of relief. For instance, it’s morning, you’ve just woken up, a yawn escapes, and, yep, you’ve balled your hands up and are digging into your eyes as a way to wake up. Or maybe your pesky allergies […]

The Reason Your Eyes Can Change Colors May Surprise You

Switching up your eye color opens a whole world of stylish new possibilities. With the flick of, say, a hazel-colored contact lens, you get to try out new eye shadow colors to make brown eyes pop, add a little mystery to your look and, according to some studies, maybe even gain some more confidence. But […]

How Smoking Can Hurt Your Eye Health

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is a well-known and well-loved show tune from the Broadway musical “Roberta.” Many famous voices recorded the 1933 classic, including Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, Benny Goodman and even The Platters. Most of us can remember the famous refrain, “when smoke gets in your eyes, your heart’s on fire.”  In […]

Do Eye Exercises Really Work?

Exercise is proven to help us live long, healthy lives. It can increase our strength, train us to be more disciplined, and help us maintain a healthy weight. So when it comes to our vision, do eye exercises really work? Can you improve your vision using physical movements to a point where you won’t have […]