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What Causes Keratitis and How to Treat it


Dealing with red, itchy, or uncomfortable eyes? We’ve all been there. Most of the time, these common symptoms are nothing to worry about, perhaps caused by harmless irritants like dust or dry eyes. But in some cases they may be symptoms of keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Keratitis is often easily managed, although more […]

Pterygium 101 – What Is “Surfer’s Eye” & How to Treat It

Pterygium 101 - Header

Pterygium, also called “Surfer’s Eye,” is a fairly common eye condition. It’s a pink, noncancerous growth on the white of the eye. It can grow slowly overtime, spreading further and further over the white of the eyeball. For some people, the pterygium eventually stops growing. In more advanced cases, it may continue to grow, spreading […]

How to Live Comfortably with Dry Eye Syndrome


Living with dry eye syndrome is not fun. Anyone who has ever wrestled with dry, scratchy eyes knows just how uncomfortable and disruptive they can be to daily life. While it’s common to experience dry eyes from time to time, dry eye syndrome is a chronic, often progressive condition. That means it is not only […]

What is a Chalazion and How to Treat it

What is a Chalazion

  A chalazion is a small(ish), round lump that can grow on both the upper and lower eyelid. It is also known as a cyst, which is a term that’s likely more familiar to you. Like a cyst, a chalazion is generally painless and nothing to worry about — really, it’s likely more annoying than anything else. Chalazion […]

What Causes Red Eyes?


Red, bloodshot eyes are never an attractive feature. If you suffer from red eye, then you know it is actually uncomfortable, and sometimes itchy, painful, and potentially messy. The different causes of red eyes are pretty long, but at the heart of the problem is the same thing: expanded, or swollen, blood vessels. Admittedly, that […]