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6 Easy Changes You Can Make To Help Prevent Vision Loss

Replacemycontacts/ August 18, 2015/ Eye Health/

With the wonderful creation of prescription glasses and contact lenses, you may not be too worried about preventing vision loss. You can have 20/20 vision (or pretty darn close) even if your naked eyes aren’t quite there (…at all) without any major inconvenience, freeing you from the anxiety and chaos of poor vision. You may get a quick glimpse of

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What Is Color Blindness?

Replacemycontacts/ July 2, 2015/ Eye Health/

Color blindness is a fairly common vision issue. It affects about one in every 12 males and about one in every 20 females, so if you have this condition, you’re certainly not alone. For most people who are color blind, it is something they are born with and not typically something that occurs later in life, though that can happen

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Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned?

Replacemycontacts/ June 30, 2015/ Eye Health/

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen year round, right? It protects our delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun, protecting us from sunburn and worse: melanomas (cancer). But have you ever wondered if your eyes can get sunburned? The question might seem silly but the answer is definitely not because, as it turns out,

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How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked?

Replacemycontacts/ May 26, 2015/ Eye Health/

Whether or not you currently need vision correction, knowing how often you should get your eyes checked can help ensure that you always see things as clearly as you do today. Having routine exams helps you stay on top of your eye health and preventing trouble down the road. It gives your doctor a chance to test your current eye

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