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What is Ptosis?

Replacemycontacts/ October 13, 2015/ Eye Health/

Eyelids can droop for many different reasons—it happens to all of us when we’re really tired. However, that’s temporary and definitely not a medical issue. Another instance of a drooping eyelid can occur naturally over time from age. That’s just due to the skin giving out on elasticity. This creates extra skin, which droops down. But for some people, a

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What Your Eye Color Reveals About Your Health

Replacemycontacts/ September 29, 2015/ Eye Health/

We can tell a lot about a person through their eyes—after all, William Shakespeare once stated they are the “windows to the soul.” We’ve exposed how you can detect if a person’s lying, in love, and more by looking at their eyes, but did you know that eye colors can tell the story of your own health? That’s right, scientists

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Is Squinting Bad for Your Eyes?

Replacemycontacts/ September 24, 2015/ Eye Health/

Ever heard that sitting too close to a TV or computer screen, reading in a darkly lit room, and squinting ruins eyesight? You’re not alone if these rumors cause alarm and an assumption that you’re damaging your eyesight. We’re here to debunk at least one of these old wives tales, squinting. Is it actually bad for your eyes? Keep reading

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Why You Should Never Sleep in Your Contacts

Replacemycontacts/ September 3, 2015/ Eye Health, Lens Care/

Late nights out with friends, studying, working, or just being downright lazy have all led us to hit the pillow with our contacts still in our eyes. You might not think it’s that big a deal. After all, it’s kind of like the “wash your face before bed” rule, right? Wrong! Forgetting to wash your face at night might result

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