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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Eye Health Today

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Who isn’t eating kale and cauliflower (ahem, the new kale) while slugging fresh-pressed juices in between yoga class these days? You, too? We kid, but health and wellbeing are hot topics nowadays ‒ and for good reason. Taking care of yourself will not only make you look great, but you’ll feel even better. That said, […]

All About the Cornea – What is it, and What Are Some of the More Commonly Experienced Issues?

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The eyeball is a super complex organ comprised of many different parts that work perfectly together to allow us to see. Each little piece has its own unique and necessary job to do so that vision is as seamless as possible. One of the major components of this grouping is the cornea, which performs a […]

The Most Common Age-Related Eye Problems


As we age, it’s common to begin to notice different eye health problems. These conditions can vary widely, both in symptoms experienced and in the resulting effect they have on the eyeball and vision. Luckily, most age-related issues can be treated – or even corrected – with medication, procedures, and prescription glasses or contacts. Keep reading for […]

What Causes Keratitis and How to Treat it


Dealing with red, itchy, or uncomfortable eyes? We’ve all been there. Most of the time, these common symptoms are nothing to worry about, perhaps caused by harmless irritants like dust or dry eyes. But in some cases they may be symptoms of keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. Keratitis is often easily managed, although more […]

Pterygium 101 – What Is “Surfer’s Eye” & How to Treat It

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Pterygium, also called “Surfer’s Eye,” is a fairly common eye condition. It’s a pink, noncancerous growth on the white of the eye. It can grow slowly overtime, spreading further and further over the white of the eyeball. For some people, the pterygium eventually stops growing. In more advanced cases, it may continue to grow, spreading […]