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Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens Explained

about rigid gas permeable contact lenses

Today, there are so many different choices when it comes to contact lenses that frankly, it can be a little confusing. Soft lenses, loved for their high water content and comfort, may appear to have stolen the show, but rigid gas permeable content lenses (also known as RGP or GP lenses) should also be on […]

Why You Should Consider Hard Contact Lenses

benefits of hard contacts

Hard contact lenses (also called gas permeable lenses) seem to have gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years, replaced by many contact wearers with the ever-comfortable soft contact lenses. Don’t get us wrong – there’s a lot to love about the watery, silicone smooth fit and feel of soft lenses. But hard contacts […]

What is a Hydrogel Lens?


Contacts are life changing—just watch any geek-to-chic romantic comedy, where the lovable nerd morphs into a serious babe thanks to a makeover. One of the first things to go are the glasses, replaced with a pair of fresh contacts. While contacts have their benefits, they aren’t perfect, much as it pains us to admit that. […]

The Benefits of One-Day Contact Lenses


One-day contacts, also known as daily disposable contacts, have a ton of great benefits for the wearer. You might be surprised to know that only about 7% of contact wearers opt for these convenient lenses. While we love all contacts, there’s something special about one days and we figured we’d shed a little light on […]

What are contacts made of?

What are contacts made of? This is an important question for your eye physician to discuss. Most vision patients are surprised to discover how much more comfortable and convenient contact lenses have become in the past decade. Today’s contact lenses are made up of three main materials. These modern contact lens materials are synthetic and […]