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What are contacts made of?

What are contacts made of? This is an important question for your eye physician to discuss. Most vision patients are surprised to discover how much more comfortable and convenient contact lenses have become in the past decade. Today’s contact lenses are made up of three main materials. These modern contact lens materials are synthetic and […]

The Different Kinds of Color Contacts

Types of Colored Contact Lenses Fall is fashion season. Soon our fashion sense will be putting on the ritz when invitations to seasonal costume parties or homecoming celebrations arrive in the mail. If you are a prolific shopper and can’t wait to browse the racks looking for that perfect autumn ensemble, plan ahead to add […]

How To Find Contact Lens Rebates

Online shopping has become a staple in the modern American economy. Consumers can purchase items within minutes and have them shipped anywhere in the country. Online shopping also provides the additional benefit of providing instant coupons and rebates right on the websites. You no longer need to search through the Sunday paper to find a […]