Can Contact Lenses Get “Lost” in My Eye?

Not really. The white part of your eyeball is covered in a natural barrier that prevents foreign objects from getting trapped behind the eye. Occasionally, though, a rub or bump can fold the lens in half and dislodge it from the cornea.  If you feel like your lens is stuck in your eye, don’t worry; it’s only under your eyelid, and it can’t go any further. Here’s what to do:

Add a few eye drops to your eye, then shut the eye and gently massage it. This action will usually bring the contact lens forward so you can remove it.  If the lens remains folded, briefly soak it in contact lens solution, then gently rub it until it returns to its original shape.

If you can’t find your lens this way, try turning your eyelid inside out. It’s not painful, and we promise it’s easier than it sounds.

Place a Q-Tip horizontally over your eyelid. Then, while looking down, grab hold of your eyelashes, gently pull the lid down and quickly fold the lid over the Q-Tip.

Keep looking down and tilt your head back. With your other eye open, you should be able to see the folded lens and remove it.

If these methods don’t work, ask someone to help you, or call your eye doctor for assistance.

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