Better With or Without Glasses: the Timberlakes

Whether you’re running lines on camera with another actor or sharing the stage with Jay-Z in a sold-out stadium, contacts are the obvious choice when you have an active lifestyle.  They offer a more complete field of vision, and achieve much closer to natural eyesight than glasses do. Plus, they don’t leave sweaty imprints on the bridge of your nose. But when out for a day of shopping or getting glammed up for a premiere party, Hollywood sweethearts Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sometimes opt for a fashionable pair of glasses over their usual contact lenses. Which do you prefer on these newlyweds?


Jessica Biel: the Case for “With Glasses”

Jessica Biel is a classic beauty, and a well-selected pair of frames makes her look fresh-faced and clean cut. Compared to her super glammed bangs and beach bod, they give her appearance a certain simplicity that acts as a breath of fresh air, alluding to her early roots as wholesome, girl-next-door Mary Camden from 7th Heaven.  Jessica looks sweet and sensible in glasses, plus, this visible reminder that she cares properly for her eyes helps to play up her highly publicized healthy lifestyle.

Jessica Biel: the Case for “Without Glasses”

Biel 2Just one look and we’re begging Jessica never to hide behind a pair of glasses again! She has absolutely killer cheekbones that demand our full attention, not to mention a stunningly clear complexion, of which frames would only clog the pores of her T-zone. No matter the style, cut, or color, her hair surrounds her face so perfectly, and glasses seem to offset that flawless definition. 

The Decision

Without a doubt, we prefer Jessica sans glasses – it’s no wonder she so rarely leaves the house in frames! Her contacts help to play up her coveted features in a way that is seductive and still highly approachable. Take a leaf from Jessica’s book: ditch the glasses and let your natural beauty shine through for weeks on end with anything from monthly disposable contact lenses to one of Acuvue contacts dailies.

Justin Timberlake: the Case for “With Glasses”

timberlake-kevinmazur-wireimage-gettyJT is so much more than an entertainer: he is also a gifted music producer, serious business professional and extreme trendsetter. Justin stands at the heart of the industry after years of experience spent fine-tuning his artistic skills to make a large profit and polishing his entrepreneurial know-how, which has led him to significant business ventures, from clothing and sports to social media. His signature thick frames help to bolster this intellectual persona, which reminds the public that this triple threat actor/singer/dancer is skilled in additional dimensions.

Justin Timberlake: the Case for “Without Glasses”

Justin-Timberlake-showed-off-his-smileThe Ramen noodle-haired falsetto that we first fell in love with in the 90’s hooked us in with his baby blues and killer dance moves. And guess what? It’s been almost 20 years since NSYNC’s inception, and both have never looked better. We don’t need a distraction from Justin’s natural charm, subtle scruff and all-American good looks; and we certainly don’t need a visual reminder of his brilliance both in and outside of the studio.

The Decision

Justin can definitely pull of the chic nerdy look – however, the glasses just do not complement his appearance. The black frames contrast greatly with his skin tone and facial hair, and the way in which the rims sit just over his eyebrows make the pop star appear at once, way older than you thought you remembered, and also just like the awkward kid who asked too many questions in your 11th grade biology class. Not to mention, those bright blue eyes – which you, too can get with Freshlook Colorblends contacts – should never be hidden or overshadowed. We prefer Justin Timberlake when he sticks to the tried and true suit and tie ensemble.

We think this dynamic duo look best when rocking contacts that don’t take away from their strong featured and classic good looks. Do you agree? Make your case in the comments section!


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