Better With or Without Glasses: Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence


Are “girls-next-door” Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence more attractive with or without glasses?  Of course there is no way to provide an undisputable answer,  we will do our best to provide our take.

Jennifer Aniston: the Case for “With Glasses”

Often regarded as a beachy beauty with a carefree appeal, there is no denying that the frames add a touch of mystique to her overall vibe. Looking at the picture above, we have no idea what she is thinking and become victim to her mysteriousness. Because she has an ovular face shape, almost any style will harmonize with her features; the angular nature of the eyewear balances out well with her innate roundness.  However, despite Aniston being a woman who is rumored to spend hundreds of thousands on her forever-young look, there’s no denying that her choice in glasses adds years onto her appearance.

Jennifer Aniston: the Case for “Without Glasses”

Do me a favor and look into those clear blue eyes that look like the high-noon Texas sky. They could cure world hunger with one blink and you need a map to not get lost in them. Without glasses, we are granted the ability to witness her natural beauty without the shadow cast by the heavy frames. She also appears younger in both appearance and aura.   

Did you know that the hue that we all know and love is not what she was born with? To achieve pristine peepers not unlike Aniston, check out Air Optix colored contacts.

The Decision

The answer to whether she looks better with or without glasses is pretty obvious – America loves her without glasses, and so do we!


Jennifer Lawrence: the Case for “With Glasses”

Jennifer Lawrence is adored by millions for her down-to-earth allure, so the addition of glasses makes her even more charming and relatable. Yes, she may be on literally every website, billboard, magazine cover, and television show, but she still seems like the kind of woman we all would want to split a pizza with. The glasses in the picture perfectly counter her youthfully soft facial features and highlight her cheekbones. Plus, the contrast of the blond with the black frames is divine. However . . .

Jennifer Lawrence: the Case for “Without Glasses”

There’s no denying that the woman is a bomb shell. What makes her silliness and humility so surprising and noteworthy is that this former-model looks like she belongs on a Victoria Secret runway, and yet she doesn’t let her gorgeous looks go to her head. The black smoky eye makes her blue eyes electric (without overpowering them like the dark rims of the glasses) so her heavenly gaze can truly wrap us in its embrace.

The Decision

The verdict is that glasses do for Jennifer Lawrence what they did for Superman; they concealed his true nature. This actress may have the charms of your best friend, but she has the high-caliber talent that has catapulted her to the star-status she deserves. There’s no reason to downplay her express, pensive eyes. To make sure that your whites appear as irresistibly bright as Jennifer’s, invest in self-lubricating lenses like Acuvue TruEye and Avaira contacts.

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