Better With or Without glasses: Hot Hollywood Geeks

In recent years, Hollywood and TV has discovered that millions of people enjoy watching a specific kind of character that is best characterized as being “geeky.” They’re smart, loveable and easily relatable. Almost always, when depicted on screen, these individuals sport chunky glasses. To celebrate these endearing characters and the actors who portray them, we highlight some of our favorite “Hot Hollywood Geeks” and ask whether they look better with or without their iconic specs.


With his 70’s style frames, ill-fitting clothes and dry sense of humor, Napoleon Dynamite’s title character rocked our world and spurred plenty of catch phrases in 2004. Therefore, audiences were shocked to see actor John Heder in his natural state, which bares hardly any resemblance to his iconic character. While this star undoubtedly owes a debt of gratitude to those bulky frames, we think he looks 10x more attractive when he peels them off.


Zooey Deschanel’s lead character on The New Girl, Jess, has become known and loved for her quirky demeanor and her ability to make the best out of every situation. Her black framed glasses perfectly suit her girly, retro image, which she completes with an arsenal of ladylike dress. We love how Zooey is able to whip the frames off-and-on so she can comfortably transition from cute and winning to knockout gorgeous. Envious of this actress’s iconic blue peepers? You can recreate the look with a pair of colored contacts from FreshLook Coloblends.


Steve Urkel, played by actor Jaleel White, became a pop culture icon in the early 90s all due to his endearing demeanor that made you forget about all the trouble he was normally causing. His signature large tortoise framed glasses fit right in with his strange suspenders and abnormally high pants. Glasses did not help his looks at all and a major plot point on this show was the appearance of hit hot alter ego, played simply by the main actor changing his clothes and removing his glasses.


Alex Dunphy is known on the hit comedy Modern Family as the socially awkward, younger sister who has the brains of her clan. Her basic black frames help to emphasize that her character is a sweet teenage girl who would rather be studying than partying. Without the glasses, actress Ariel Winter instantly transforms into a young Hollywood starlet who appears “all grown up.” We love both looks, but there’s no denying that the teen actress looks a bit more polished without the glasses. Questioning whether your child or teen is too young for contacts? Find out all the information you need here.


Actor Johnny Galecki has played character Leonard Hofstadter on the Big Bang Theory for several years. His narrow black framed glasses fit his face shape well, but make his appearance translate as being more casual. Without the heavy frames, his inner heartthrob truly shines.

The main character of the show Ugly Betty represents the quintessential Hollywood geek. Played by actress America Ferrera, the title character was a walking fashion disaster that was often the source of many jokes on the show. Later on in the series, Betty did develop a fashion sense and obtained more sophisticated glasses. Though the actress looks stunning without eyewear, her character was seen by many as motivator to be yourself and follow your dreams despite how you look.


Do you agree with our assessments or do you think that these hot Hollywood actors looked better in their “geek chic” attire? Let us know if you prefer them with or without their glasses in the comment section below or visit us on Facebook!

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