Better With or Without Glasses: Beyoncé and Jay Z

Oh, to be young, beautiful and on top of the world. Beyonce and Jay Z are new parents, friends with the President and music moguls worth millions of dollars. Their style of music and attire have evolved with the times, allowing them to effortlessly transition from being on stage to being in the boardrooms of their separate successful fashion enterprises. Both have sported glasses from time to time; this makes us wonder, do they look better with or without frames? Let’s take a look!

Beyonce-Knowles-Hairstyles-High-Top-KnotBeyonce: The Case for “With Glasses”

Did you know that there’s a church that is dedicated solely to worshipping this megastar? Her voice and looks are emanated and envied by millions. Always experimenting with her look, she’s been known to sport dark frames from time to time, often accompanied by a strong red lip. It’s fun and quirky, and is often a tool for her to make her normally glamorous look more casual. Undoubtedly, the best benefit for “Sasha Fierce” of wearing glasses are that they allow her to slink into yet another persona.

Beyoncé-wonderful-photosBeyonce: The Case for “Without Glasses”

In her own words, Beyonce is a “diva” who “rules the world.” With her sexy hair and powerfully unbashful gaze, this strong woman doesn’t need to hide behind glasses. Plus, this workout-fiend and dancing queen is consistently in motion, making frames fairly impractical for her active lifestyle. Yet another reason that Beyonce is better without glasses? This is a woman who loves to dress up her honey brown peepers with a smoky eye!

The Verdict: Queen Bey reigns supreme without glasses.

jayz-stylishJay Z: The Case for “With Glasses”

Shawn Corey Carter is a hip hop artist that has worn many hats; he’s a rapper, record producer, club owner, fashion line creator and author. No doubt, his iconic black frames have helped this Brooklyn native feel just as home in business meetings as he does in music videos. Having rarely publically worn the eyewear in his younger years, his glasses help to separate this middle-aged father from the young artist who rapped about pimpin’ and drugs.

Jay Z: The Case for “Without Glasses”

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v New York YankeesFor starters, when we thinking of Jay Z, we all imagine the singer with his beloved New York Yankees baseball cap. Unless the wearer desires to shield the mass majority of his or her face, hats paired with glasses can be an unattractive look. Therefore, to stylishly protect yourself from the sun, we either recommend quality sunglasses or pairing a brimmed hat with lenses with UV protection, like Acuvue Oasys contacts or Acuvue True Eye.

Another reason for Jay Z not to wear glasses? He’s a trendsetter, not a follower; with so many people jumping onboard for the passing fad of “hipster” dark frames, this look is arguably becoming a parody of itself. One could argue that this fashion tycoon is missing an opportunity to set himself apart by experimenting with nontraditional textiles or shapes, or not indulging in the craze at all.

The Verdict: It’s a tie. Jay Z looks dashing with and without glasses. Luckily, with the help of contact lenses, he can choose which look to feature from one day to the next.

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