Better With or Without Glasses: Ryan Gosling & Ryan Reynolds

One of the many benefits of contact lenses is that they allow you the freedom to ditch the frames but, every once in a while, it may be nice to bring out the old eyeglasses to diversify your look. While many of us prefer what we see in the mirror when we are free of our specs, there are individuals who look attractive regardless, like the talented Ryan Gosling. A favorite among both women and men, this actor has the charisma of James Dean, the talent of Marlon Brando and the dashing features of, well, Ryan Gosling. Having been known to step out on the town both with and without his glasses, which leads us to ask: which look do you prefer?!












Ryan undoubtedly knows how to find the glasses shape that flatters his long, angular features, as the circular build adds softness and the subtly extended corners of frames add the illusion of width. We also believe that the rounded “professor” looks helps to play up his intellectual, pensive charms that remind us why he’s this generation’s iconic sensitive artist that makes the ladies swoon. However, as he demonstrated in the movie “Crazy, Stupid Love,” he also has a devilish twinkle in his eye and smooth ways that makes him seem like every man’s ideal best friend; frames would taper this suave draw. Plus, we are a fan of the way his irises sometimes twinkle blue, a look that you can achieve with many of the colored contact options from Freshlook. So, in our minds, Ryan looks equally attractive with and without glasses, and we’re just appreciative of the fact that he can easily whip his frames on and off thanks to contact lenses.

Gosling isn’t the only “Ryan” who wears glasses in Hollywood, as Ryan Reynolds has been known to step out in frames.









Unlike with Mr. Gosling, we prefer seeing Ryan Reynolds sans eyeglasses. While the world is discovering that he has acting chops, this thespian is mostly known for his goofy side; without his glasses, his dapper good lucks help to balance his nutty, boyish charm; with his glasses, his ruggedly handsome style is downplayed and he starts to remind us of our annoying younger brother. While Reynolds has a similarly shaped face as Gosling and, therefore, rocks a similar style of glasses, be believe that his persona is better-suited with contacts. If you feel that you’re not too unlike Ryan Reynolds but are worried about whether contacts are suited for your specific needs, Replace My Contacts has a variety of options that are specifically crafted to address common problems like astigmatism or the need of multifocal properties.

Feel strongly about whether these two actors look better with or without glasses? Share your thoughts below!

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