Being Prepared For Contact Lens Emergencies In Your Office

caseEmergencies can happen anywhere – and that includes the office. If you are a contact lens wearer, you know that contacts lenses are convenient and a wonderful invention of modern medicine. You also know that things can go wrong from time to time. There are a few office emergencies that you should be on the lookout for and prepared for in case they happen.

The Value of a Spare Pair

If you are like most people, your work day is hectic. You run from place to place and task to task. One minute you are at your desk and then next in the conference room and later at the water cooler, dishing on the latest TV shows. If your contact happens to pop out, there is no telling where it might have gone. Looking for it and expecting to find it, is a hopeless task. Instead, consider having a spare pair of cheap contact lenses in your desk. It can save you time and sanity if you do lose one.

When Pollen and Dander Passes, Break Out Those Glasses!

Regardless of the time of year, allergies can strike without warning. Dust, pet dander, or that strong perfume your office mate insists on wearing, and other allergens can be introduced into the office environment on a daily basis. Today just might be the day your boss decides to bring his new puppy in to show him off and improve morale. As cute as that buddle of joy might be, pet dander can quickly turn a good day into a bad one if you have allergies. As any contact wearer knows, contact lenses can be the last thing you want in your eyes when they turn red and itchy. Having a spare pair of glasses on hand can be just want the doctor ordered.

Know Where – or Who — To Go To In the Event of an Accident

On a more serious note, accidents can and do happen. If a foreign object makes its way into your eye, it is of upmost importance that you know how to handle the situation. If you are unable to remove your contact, then someone else in the office may need to do so. Before this problem occurs, your office should have a first response team and have that team trained to deal with this sort of situation.

Life would be a bit dull without surprises. Unfortunately, sometimes those surprises aren’t the good kind. The best way to avoid an emergency situation is to plan for it in advance. Planning can keep an irritation into becoming a full blown emergency.

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