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Colors to Wear to Enhance Brown Eyes

Replacemycontacts/ October 6, 2015/ Cosmetic/

We love anything that makes our eyes stand out, (which is why we love our Acuvue Contacts), but did you know that you can make them pop even more depending what colors you wear? If you’ve got rich brown eyes, this article is just for you! There are so many beautiful tones of brown eyes, and no matter which you’ve

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Are Men Truly Colorblind?

Replacemycontacts/ October 1, 2015/ Lifestyle/

We’ve all come across someone who suffers from color blindness—but do you know what that really means? You may (wrongly) be under the assumption that the world is just a very drab grayscale for these folks, but that’s not true. In this post, we’ll debunk some of the most common misconceptions about color blindness while filling you in on some

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What Your Eye Color Reveals About Your Health

Replacemycontacts/ September 29, 2015/ Eye Health/

We can tell a lot about a person through their eyes—after all, William Shakespeare once stated they are the “windows to the soul.” We’ve exposed how you can detect if a person’s lying, in love, and more by looking at their eyes, but did you know that eye colors can tell the story of your own health? That’s right, scientists

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Is Squinting Bad for Your Eyes?

Replacemycontacts/ September 24, 2015/ Eye Health/

Ever heard that sitting too close to a TV or computer screen, reading in a darkly lit room, and squinting ruins eyesight? You’re not alone if these rumors cause alarm and an assumption that you’re damaging your eyesight. We’re here to debunk at least one of these old wives tales, squinting. Is it actually bad for your eyes? Keep reading

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How To Look Fresh When You’ve Only Got A Few Minutes

Replacemycontacts/ September 22, 2015/ Cosmetic/

You’re rushing to get out the door in the morning, or hustling to meet friends for a last-minute get together, but you don’t want to sacrifice your appearance over the time crunch—we get it! When you look good, you feel good! If you’re in agreeance with us, keep reading for some great speedy tips to look young and fresh instantly when

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