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The Ins-and-Outs of Wearing Makeup With Contact Lenses

Many people are concerned about wearing eye makeup once they begin using contact lenses. Rest assured, it’s fine to use makeup such as eyeliner or eye shadow with your contact lenses — as long as you are very careful not to get them in your eye, or on your lenses. Also, it’s a great idea […]

Eye Allergies: How To Protect Your Eyes

Most eye allergies are caused by plant pollen, so, as you can imagine they can be rather difficult to avoid. However, there are a few approaches that you can help you decrease and perhaps even improve your eye allergy symptoms: Check out the pollen reports. Your weather channel or any weather Internet site will offer […]

Interesting Historical Facts About Contact Lenses

The original idea for contact lenses dates all the way back to sketches created by the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci. Half a millennium ago, the genius inventor mapped out plans for altering the refractive power of the eye. Later on, others experimented with modifying refractive powers by looking through both glass and water. And, finally, […]