A Guide to Finding The Right Contact Lenses For Your Lifestyle

7795663148_8b7836ab48There are many different types of contact lens options out there for you to pick from, and it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing which selection is “the best.” We can reassure you that no one model tops the others; rather, each make has its own advantages. To help you navigate the various possibilities and understand which contact style is most suitable for your specific lifestyle and preferences, below is a brief guide to the various attributes of contracts.

Rigid Lenses: Also called Rigid Gas Permeable lenses, these contacts are made of barely flexible plastic that will allow oxygen to pass through the lens to the eyes. It is important to note that RGP options are different than “hard lenses” made from polymethyl methacrylate. These hard lenses are problematic, as they are high maintenance and do not allow much oxygen to pass to the eyes. Contrastingly, rigid lenses offer numerous benefits, including:

• Top notch vision correction
• Allows an increased flow of oxygen
• Durable enough to last for years
• Available with bifocal characteristics
• Obtainable in versions intended for extended wear

Of course, RGP contacts have their setbacks, such as:

• More expensive than their softer counterparts
• Increased likelihood of slipping away from the pupil
• Require rigorous cleaning or else usage can increase the likelihood of eye infections
• Can take some time to adjust to and have to be worn consistently to preserve comfort
• Less commonly sold and are more difficult to locate

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are ideal for those who prefer particularly sharp vision. However, those who frequently engage in vigorous activities won’t like the ease with which the lens slides about. Moreover, those who only occasionally wear contacts may find the thorough cleaning regime and recommended daily usage impractical for their routine.

218267459_02162b246d_zSoft Lenses: These lenses are the most widely used and, unlike their harder counterparts, are made of a very soft plastic with water content from 36-79 percent. Soft lenses generally require nightly cleaning and storing with solution, and are ideal for athletic lifestyles. Unlike the style listed above, soft lenses are replaced periodically; Dailies are available, eliminating the hassle for cleaning and storing altogether. Because natural proteins naturally build up in the lens and are difficult to clear away, contacts that are changed out frequently are arguably healthier.

Advantages include:

• Extremely comfortable
• More affordable than rigid lenses
• Accessible with bifocal features and color tints
• Do not shift around as much as RPG designs

Disadvantages include:

• Vision is not as clear with soft contacts as with rigid lenses
• Are not built to last and require frequent replacement

These lenses are ideal for those who lead a busy life and will appreciate not having to consistently clean their contacts. Additionally, soft contacts are great for people who value comfort over sharp eyesight, as these lenses take no time to physically adjust to but ultimately do not provide the clarity of their RGP counterparts.

0001331_250Specialty Lenses: Often custom made, specialty lenses can be either soft or rigid and address many different specialized vision problems. Examples include:
Toric lens. These are crafted to specifically correct astigmatism with different powers of correction at different spots of the globular lens.
Multifocal lens. The contacts are designed to work just like multifocal glasses, presenting different strengths at varying points.
Protective tints. This attribute helps to absorb UV radiation and can help in the prevention of macular degeneration, cataracts, and vision loss.
Cosmetic tints. Who hasn’t tried to imagine themselves with differently shaded irises at some point or another? Available with and without vision correcting elements, colored contact lenses can range from subtle enhancement to fantastically Halloween-ish.

With a general idea of the various contact options available, you should have no problem working with your doctor to pick the perfect set of contact lenses for you. Browse the many discount contacts online available at Replace My Contacts to find the perfect pair for you today!

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