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How Are Contacts Measured?

Do you know how it is that your eyes are measured, in order to select the best fitting contact lenses for your specific size and shape? If you’re like most people, that knowledge is likely left to your doctor, who administers care and writes the official prescription. Yet it is important for many reasons to […]

The Most Famous Eyes in Hollywood

If you were alive in the bopping 80s, you can probably sing-a-long with the chorus of Kim Carne’s 1981 Grammy hit, “Betty Davis Eyes”. (Betty might have a hit song about her, but it is rumored that she also had a condition called Grave’s Disease. Caused by an increase in thyroid hormones, Grave’s Disease can […]

Can You Swim in Contacts?

Is it safe to swim while wearing your contact lenses? While you may be able to get away with taking a dip while sporting your contacts without experiencing any negative effects, the FDA recommends keeping your contact lenses clean from all water, including that which is found in pools, hot tubs, the ocean and even […]

How to Save Money on Contact Lenses

Have you ever planned your meals for the week based on what’s on sale at the grocery store? Do you use drugstore points and reward systems to save on your preferred bottle of aspirin or heartburn remedy? Shopping for the best price on contact lenses is no different, and typically employs some of the same […]

Can You Sleep With Contact Lenses In?

Is it critical to remove your contact lenses before falling into dreamland? While the practice is not dangerous, doctors advise us to sleep if possible with our eyes au natural. Closing your eyes for just one minute, and waking up hours later is easy to do.  It is the wakeup call itself, when your eyes […]