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Why Is It Important To Have a Prescription for Contact Lenses?

Throughout each day, we consistently go through the motions of protecting our vital organs; we choose to wear a helmet when biking, and exercise to improve our cardio health without so much as a second thought. When it comes to our own two eyes, it is just as important to be defensive; especially as wearing […]

What Causes Pink Eye and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Itchy, ugly and highly contagious, Pink Eye is a common eye condition that causes great discomfort and irritation. Over 90% of adults have been exposed to this temporary ailment – also known by its proper medical name, Conjunctivitis – which is either contracted from person to person or through exposure to certain allergens, viruses and […]

The Most Famous Eyes in Art

The Most Famous Eyes in Art A deep and engaging gaze into someone’s eyes stirs something inside of all of us. Some would call it excitement. Many claim it to be a signal of whether that person finds you interesting. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.” Since the beginning […]

How to Take Out Contact Lenses Step-By-Step

You’ve finally mastered putting in your contact lenses, but taking them can be an equally daunting task. While the process should be simple and smooth, there’s no denying that mastering this practice can be tricky at first. To help you cement a set routine and perfect this practice, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to […]

When and How to Clean Your Contact Lens Case

Every contact wearer knows that in order to avoid nasty eye disorders or eye irritation, you must only wear your lenses for their suggested lifespan. After all, contact lenses not only accumulate dirt and debris as they’re worn, but they may also warp over time. However, did you know that just as your contacts can […]