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Better With or Without Glasses: the Timberlakes

Whether you’re running lines on camera with another actor or sharing the stage with Jay-Z in a sold-out stadium, contacts are the obvious choice when you have an active lifestyle.  They offer a more complete field of vision, and achieve much closer to natural eyesight than glasses do. Plus, they don’t leave sweaty imprints on […]

What Causes Pupils to Dilate?

Dilated pupils (also referred to as mydriasis) can occur for a wide variety of reasons. Normally, the pupil will dilate in dim lighting as an attempt to increase the range and quality of your vision. When your surroundings become less dark, the pupil shrinks back to a smaller size in an effort to protect the […]

How to Flush Debris from the Eye

You have probably, at some point in your life, felt the alarming discomfort of getting something in your eye.  Your immediate response may be to rub the eye with a great sense of urgency.  If there is a piece of debris stuck in your eye, this knee-jerk reaction may be dangerous and cause further damage.  […]

Fact or Fiction: Eye Health

Not quite as unruly as those about Big Foot, myths about eye health are a little easier to grasp – and less frightening to deal with. From the tall tale that “carrots strengthen eyesight” to common health misconceptions, we’ve gathered quite a few myths, fictions and truths below for you to look through and apply […]

Clear Care Contact Lens Solution Linked to Burning and Redness

Many consumers turn to Clear Care contact lens solution for the disinfecting, sterilization, and storage of contact lenses.  This product claims to be effective, easy to use, and gentle on the eyes.  Reviews of this product, however, have been quite mixed – the negative reviews claiming this product to be harsh and hazardous.  Therefore, users […]