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How do Contact Lenses Work?

A contact lens is nothing more than a tool crafted to adjust the optics of your existing biological lens, the human eye. When you suffer from blurred or impaired vision, it is simply due to the fact that your eyes aren’t able to focus the light coming in directly onto your retinas. Your retina is […]

Famous Cartoon Characters Without Their Glasses

Whenever a cartoonist gives a character glasses, he/she seems to make the spectacles a focal point of the character’s appearance. As we at RMC are always the curious bunch, we decided to search out pictures of notable cartoon characters without their glasses to see what they would look like if they were loyal Replace My […]

Did You Know These Athletes Wear Glasses or Contacts?

Athletes – we think of them as super heroes that are capable of unparalleled acts of strength, perseverance, agility and speed. Their forms and physical aptitudes are placed on pedestals and envied by thousands. However, one detail that we tend to overlook is that many sports heroes rely upon contact lenses when engaging in their […]

Coffee and Eye Health: Dry Eyes and Glaucoma

Coffee is often seen as the end-all-be-all solution to fatigue and lack of focus. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink this beverage on a daily basis, and the average number of cups that someone in the US consumes day-to-day is 3.1. Coffee is naturally produced from cocoa beans, but what people commonly […]

Causes of Dry Eyes

The distracting discomfort that accompanies dry eyes is enough to ruin almost any happy day – it brings about unnatural feelings of fatigue, inability to focus when reading, redness and sometimes physical pain. Many of us reach for the bottle of eye drops to remedy this symptom, and give little thought to what could be […]