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Reasons Why Contacts Rock!

Replacemycontacts/ November 19, 2013/ Lifestyle/

Contacts– they empower you to be unshackled by glasses, benefit from UV protection and witness the world with clear sight. To celebrate the endless possibilities that are available to you with lenses, we’ve highlighted some of the beautiful, exciting experiences you can behold with contact lenses that may otherwise not be possible with eyeglasses. As anyone who has worn for

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Winter UV Protection

Replacemycontacts/ November 18, 2013/ Eye Health/

The nights are getting longer, days are getting shorter. Temperatures are dropping and people are spending less time outdoors. No need to worry about UV radiation anymore right? Wrong! UV rays are still present, can still cause damage (painful burns and even worse, skin cancer)—and need to be planned for accordingly. While it may be true that people are more

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Replace My Contacts Awarded the Google Trusted Store Badge

Replacemycontacts/ November 6, 2013/ Savings/, a quick and convenient source for cheap contact lenses, was recently welcomed into the Google Trusted Stores Program. This distinction is exclusively bestowed upon online merchants who continually exhibit a commitment to their patrons through timely deliveries and responsive customer service. With 99.9% of our orders being issue-free and your contacts arriving on average 1.7 days after the initial

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Costume Contacts & Safety

Replacemycontacts/ November 1, 2013/ Cosmetic, Eye Health/

Contacts – they allow us to navigate the world with enhanced vision without the hassle of bulky and fragile glasses. However, on days like yesterday, lenses can provide another service of spicing up our Halloween costumes! Whether it’s to sport pigments not normally seen in nature (like gold) or to amp up the gruesomeness of appearing as a zombie, more

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